We can publish any message any text from a text file through Microsoft BGINFO.EXE.
Like you want to publish your password Policy on end user desktop.

You need a batchfile and you can put it on logon script.


copy \\contoso.com\NETLOGON\test.bgi c:\bg\test.bgi
copy \\contoso.com\NETLOGON\BGINFO.EXE c:\bg\bginfo.exe
copy \\contoso.com\NETLOGON\pwd.txt c:\bg\pwd.txt
cd c:\
mkdir bg
cd bg
Bginfo.exe c:\bg\test.bgi /timer:0 /NOLICPROMPT

Download BGINFO from Microsoft site.

You have to create one custom templete and that templete will be fetched the information from a text file.
Your PWD policy information should be in that text file. Finally save the configuration from the BGINFO and save it. That extension is .bgi.
Now crete a GPO and put those files into netlogon(bginfo.exe,pwd.txt and test.bgi)

I have put the batch into the below location


Location of bginfo.exe,pwd.txt and test.bgi


I have published my password policy, find the below screenshot.