This posting consolidates my notes with regard to a curious error experienced after attempting to navigate to the Configure service accounts page in the farm's Central Administration.

We previously found a typo in the service account provisioned for me by the sysadmin.  The sysadmin then removed this service account from AD and replaced it with one spelt correctly. When we then went back to the farm's Central Administration and navigated to the Configure service accounts page so as to configure the account, the browser presented this message:

We re-attempted several times to navigate to the page, but without success and so began troubleshooting.


  1. Performed search on error text, "Some or all identity references could not be translated." 
  2. Identified potentially applicable posting, FarmCredentialManagement.aspx, by Nelson Lamprecht. 
  3. Opened elevated SharePoint Management Shell 
  4. Executed cmdlet, Get-SPManagedAccount | ft -auto, Two farm service accounts were listed: an older one and its replacement. The older one had been previously removed from Active Directory, but it still appeared in SharePoint. 
  5. Executed cmdlet, Get-SPManagedAccount -Identity "DOMAIN\Service.Account.srv" | Remove-SPManagedAccount 
  6. Re-executed Get-SPManagedAccount | ft -auto, No accounts are listed that have null password expiration. 
  7. Re-attempted to navigate to the Configure service accounts page, and this time was successful.


  1. List managed accounts. 
  2. Identify the account(s) having null PasswordExpiration. 
  3. Remove those management accounts having null PasswordExpiration.