Microsoft Windows XP and later OSes include the Computer Management tool (Compmgmt.msc) in the Administration Support Tools component. You can use the Computer Management tool to remotely manage a Windows devices. Remote management capabilities can be especially helpful for debugging applications and services on a remote device.

The Computer Management tool provides Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-ins that you can use to perform common computer management tasks and to compile information about both local and remote computers. This information includes:

Tasks available via Computer Management

  • Event viewer logs
  • Shared folders
  • Local users and groups accounts
  • Performance logs and alerts
  • Device Manager
  • Storage devices (including Removable Storage, Disk Defragmenter, and Disk Management MMC snap-ins)
  • Services and applications (including the Services snap-in)

Options for remote Computer Management

Once connected to the remote Windows device, the name of the device appears in parentheses next to Computer Management.

Option 1

  1. On your admin machine, open a command window. At the command prompt, type: COMPMGMT.MSC
  2. On the Action menu, select Connect to another computer...
  3. Type in the name of the Windows device that you want to connect to, and click OK.

Option 2

  1. COMPMGMT.MSC /Computer:<computername>