In this article, we will talk about configuring the content management interoperability services (CMIS) in SharePoint 2016 by answering the below questions:
  • What's The CMIS?
  • What's the SharePoint CMIS Procedure?
  • How to configure CMIS Procedure in SharePoint 2016?
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What's The CMIS?

CMIS stands for Content Management Interoperability Services. It's a web service standard that allows different content management systems to inter-operate seamlessly over the Internet.

What's The SharePoint CMIS Procedure?

The Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) Producer is a SharePoint feature that allows the applications to interact with document libraries programmatically by using the interfaces that are defined in the CMIS standard.
  • CMIS is turned off by default on all on-premises sites.
  • CMIS is available after the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) Producer feature is activated.
  • CMIS is not supported in SharePoint Online.
  • List is not supported.
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How to configure CMIS Procedure in SharePoint 2016?

To configure CMIS in SharePoint 2016, you should do the following:
  1. Enable Basic Authentication for the SharePoint Web Application.
  2. Activate Content Management Interoperability Services Producer Feature on the site.
  3. Test CMIS.

Enable Basic Authentication for the SharePoint Web Application

To avoid the Unauthorized exception, you should first enable Basic Authentication for the web application as the following:
  • Open Central Administration > Application Management > Manage web application.
  • Click your web application >  from the above ribbon, Click Authentication Provider.
  • Click Default > at IIS Authentication Settings > Check Basic authentication (credentials are sent in clear text)
Enable Basic authentication in SharePoint 2016

Activate Content Management Interoperability Services Producer Feature

  • Open your site > Site Settings > Site Actions > Manage Site Features.
  • Search For Content Management Interoperability Services Producer Feature.
  • Click Activate.
Activate CMIS Feature in SharePoint 2016


  You can test the CMIS via the browser or the Postman tool as the following.
  • Open the Google Chrome > At Extension Search for Postman extension.
  • Add it > then log in with the Google account.
  • Add the CMIS Rest Service URL "http://your site URL/_vti_bin/cmis/rest?getRepositories"
  • Set the Authorization type to basic > set the username and password.
  • Click Send to see the response.
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Test CMIS in SharePoint 2016

Get Documents from Document Library via CMIS

You can use CMIS Rest Service to get the repository info from SharePoint Document Library as http://SiteURL/_vti_bin/cmis/rest/[repositoryid]?getRepositoryInfo Where [repositoryid] is the GUID of the document library.

getrepositories in SharePoint 2016 Doc Library via CMIS

To get the GUID of Document Library via PowerShell

PS C:\Users\spfarm> $web = Get-SPWeb http://SiteURL/
PS C:\Users\spfarm> $lib = $web.lists | Where-Object {$_.title -eq "CMIS Lib"}
PS C:\Users\spfarm> $
Guid ---- f2d54d2f-7347-430e-88fa-7ebd2a4ca319
PS C:\Users\spfarm>

The final URL should look like http://siteURL/_vti_bin/cmis/rest/f2d54d2f-7347-430e-88fa-7ebd2a4ca319?getrepositoryInfo

Applies To

  • SharePoint 2016.
  • SharePoint 2013.


In this article, we have explained How to configure CMIS for SharePoint 2016?


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