Ever opened a Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010 hotfix and thought “OMG what do I install and where do I install it too?” 

Well, hopefully this information will help outline the information for you on what is what inside of a Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010 hotfix.



MSP is a Windows Installer Patch File.  So the naming convention of the MSP files will follow the base RTM installation MSI.

FIM Installation Piece + Platform + Microsoft Knowledge Base Article


FIM components

Understanding what you currently have installed for FIM is very critical, as it is very important to keep the pieces of FIM at the same build level.  

FIMSyncService = FIM Synchronization Service Manager

FIMServiceLP_x64 = FIM Service Language Packs

FIMService_x64 = FIM Service, FIM Portal, and FIM Password Reset Portal

FIMPCNS_x86 = x86 version of PCNS

FIMPCNS_x64 = x64 version of PCNS

FIMCMClient_x86 = x86 Certificate Management Client

FIMCMClient_x64 = x64 Certificate Management Client

FIMCMBulkClient_x86 = x86 Bulk Client Certificate Management Client

FIMCM_X64 = FIM Certificate Management

FIMAddinsExtensionsLP_x86 = FIM Add-ins and Extensions x86

FIMAddinsExtensions_x64 = FIM Add-ins and Extensions x64

FIMAddinsExtensionsLP_x64 = FIM Add-ins and Extensions Language Pack x64

FIMAddinsExtensions_x86 = FIM Add-ins and Extensions x86