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Last Edit Request Status


2011/09/19 Contribution Search Requested Allow users to see all of their contributions (Gallery, Forums, Blog Authors, and Library Annotations have this; Wiki and Blog Comments do not). [Answer: High priority for Wiki contributions. No current plans for a Profile-centric solution.]
2011/09/26 Recognition Grants Moderation Rights Requested Build a system for Achievements and Recognition to unlock/earn Administrator and Moderation rights in the appropriate tools (other online tools already include this feature). For example, Jane earns 20,000 Recognition Points and unlocks specific Achievements, all in the PowerPivot forum. Because she reached the milestone, she then gains Moderator rights for that forum (after the Forum Owner approves it).
2011/09/26 Merge Accounts Requested The ability for people to merge their old accounts into one and to accumulate the Recognition Points and the difference between the Achievement medals.
2011/09/28 Select Featured Achievements Requested Currently the last four achievements gained for each type are shown on profiles (gold, silver, and bronze medals). Instead allow users to select which four achievements (of each type) are shown by default.
 2011/09/29  Messaging On Backlog Give users the ability to message other users directly, possibly via the profile page. [Answer: No current plans. High priority.]
2011/09/29 Profile Card Embed Code On Backlog The ability for people to generate/copy embed code for their Profile Card which can be used to display their Profile Card on another website. [Answer: We do have a way for folks to do it; we are just working on the best way and place to expose it.]
2011/09/29 Contribution Info: Application Links Requested Turn the application statistics into links for that user's activities.  (e.g. Clicking on the Contributions stat under Galleries would take me to the list of gallery contributions for that user.)
2011/12/02 Contribution Info: Forum Curator Requested Allow users to see forum curator stats regarding their account (Answers identified, posts they voted helpful).
2011/12/25 Contribution Info: Forum Answers Requested Display the number of user's answers that were proposed as answers. Clearly separate answers with code snippets and answers that do not contain code snippets.
2011/12/25 Contribution Info: Wiki Comments Requested In the Profile, display the number TechNet Wiki revision comments separate from the number of page comments.
2012/01/04 Contribution Info: Achievement Progress Bars Requested For each possible achievement, and markings for each level.
 2012/02/11 Contribution Info: Statistics Details Requested Add a new Stats page/tab to the profile with all activity counts - Forum Posts Proposed as Answer, Forum Posts Marked as Helpful, Own Helpful Posts, Own Proposed Answers, etc. The name of the activities should serve as a reference to a detail report with links to the contributions.
2012/02/23 List of things I'm following (emailed)  Requested On profile page/Activity have the ability to select "Things I'm following" or something to that effect that will allow me to find pages/threads im monitoring by email. 
2012/03/08 Achievements by Application Requested Separating achievements by application would allow an easier view of that users' activities.
2012/09/10 Contribution Info: Statistics Details Requested The number of code answers provided by the member should be visible on his profile.
2013/04/08  Recognize Tagging Separately Requested Tagging should have different achievements, as it's not related to the content, but it helps other users to find that. So it should be recognized, but in a different way from edits. Perhaps, new category of content organizing (as opposed to creating or editing).
2013/04/21  Integrate CodePlex Projects & Forum Activity into MSDN Profiles Requested As the CodePlex Open Source community already allows Live Account log-in and is hosted by Microsoft, it seems that there would be a lot of synergy between the current MSDN profiles and that platform.  Many projects are manned by MVPs, MCCs and own Microsoft Staff, inclusive of support work in their forums.  I wonder if these could be integrated a little more tightly to the current recognition system.
 2017/06/07 show more achievement statistics  Requested

- how many real Forum Posts I've made and I've replied to. It's nice I know the total account, but for get a new achievement, I think you Count the different Posts I've replied to. I think you don't Count the replies inside one question post.

- how many times I've proposed an answer

- how many times I've voted a post as useful

- how many times I've answered with Code

- how many Spams I've reported

Reason: I already see that you sometimes forget to give an achievement, so I must ask you here to check my Profile. But I don't write all activities I've made. I believe you have all these counters in your database, so why don't you show these statistics in my Profile?


Last Edit Request Status Comment
2011/09/29 Blog Comment Alerts Requested Notify users of replies to their comments on blog posts via email alerts. Knowing when someone has responded to a comment is really important - the inability to know this for MSDN blogs is a huge missing feature.
2012/01/14 Filter Blogs by Language Requested Aggregate blog list contains articles on all languages, but I want to filter by language and read only English and my native language blogs. (And for RSS too.)
2013/06/21 List of Comments Requested Users can see a list of all their comments, with links to the blogs.


Last Edit





Moderator List


Provide a list of moderators in each forum.


Merge Non-Tech Forums


Merge the 'Feedback and Discussions', 'Using Forums', and 'TechNet Sandbox' forums into one group and place it at the top of the list to make it easier to find.


Default Leaderboard

Need More Info

Allow users to select a default leaderboard to be loaded upon page load. [Answer: Please explain this with more details and maybe an example.]


File Attachments

On Backlog

Users can attach code or other files to a forum post in order to better share information.



By Design

Browse tags within individual forums to navigate through more subcategory topics. [Answer: This feature used to exist. It was being considered, but rather a checkbox like system (like Answers and Stack Overflow) is being considered instead. Essentially it's equivalent to predefined tags.]


Add Favorites


Provide a mechanism to Save threads in 'My Favorites' and be able to organize them.


Improve Search


Add date field to the results and also add sorting by date descending.


Unmark Answers

In Review

Provide a hyperlink or a button that we will be able to use to report incorrect answers marked as answer. This can be also used for any type of requests that require moderator's attention such as Duplicate Thread, Wrong Forum, Wrong Type and wrong answer marks. [Answer: Currently this is handled through the Report/Flag's "Other" item. But clarity can certainly be added to this process.]


Browse Forum Users: Accuracy

On Backlog

Make sure the information there is current and everything is sorted properly.


Browse Forum Users: Paging


On "Browse Forum Users" page, allow paging so that all users can be viewed.


Signature Size

Need More Info

Increase the allowed size for signatures, show the limit on characters, and how many characters the user is currently using. [Answer: What's the current size? We've heard more complaints about signatures being too long or containing inappropriate links than being too limited.]


Default Code Language


Change default for Select Language in code blocks depending on forum. For example, in the C# forums, please default it to C#; in the VB Forums, please default it to VB.


Contribution Info: Show Answers by Forum


Show more detailed statistics about answers by forum in a user's profile (e.g. 29 Marked Answers in Windows 7 General).


iPad & iPhone Support

On Backlog

Provide the Forum users with the possibility to post question and answer to questions by using the Safari browser installed in Apple iPad. [Answer: The platform we're vending doesn't support these systems. They're working on a solution, and we're proactively discussing it with them.]


Threads I've Started


Provide a way to find threads I've started and a way to show threads by forums. Posting as much as I do its hard to find things I've done or am involved in.


Add nofollow in Signature Links


Add nofollow to signature links to avoid SEO spams. "nofollow" is a value that can be assigned to the "rel" attribute of an HTML element to instruct some search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link target's ranking in the search engine's index. It is created to reduce comment spam in blogs but is also used by forums. SEO Spammers compile lists of forums that still do not add "nofollow" to user-created links in order to promote their customers' web sites, and the Microsoft forum is pretty high in the list. The time and effort spent on combating those SEO spammers could better spent on solving problems, if those spammers are discouraged after they found out they no longer benefit from spam posts.


Filter by Abusive in My Forum Threads


Allow moderators who manage multiple forums to see reported threads within the forums on a single page, without going to each and every forum.


Image Zoom


As customers usually insert full desktop screenshots, they’re becoming too small to see details. Current workaround is to “quote” message - in this case, you can see full-size picture. What we want is to implement pop-up zoom. As I investigated, it’s the most convenient way for user to zoom in and out. [Answer: What currently exists? Can you click it to open it in its own window like some blogs?]


Mobile/PDA Forum Version

On Backlog

Allow customers to easily get help even they have traffic limits on their 3G/GPRS connections. They really want it. [Answer: The platform we're vending doesn't support these systems. They're working on a solution, and we're proactively discussing it with them.]


Regulars forum


Please take a look at the reason here: Regulars forum


Moved Threads


When moderators move a thread to a different Forum, the date of the thread is unchanged. This means that the thread can appear several pages down the list in the new Forum and it becomes easy to miss. Is it possible to change the date of a moved thread to the date/time it was moved?


Scale up forum threads fonts


Forum font, used in threads, needs to be scaled up at least to 12pt. We have lots of negative feedback regarding small fonts and reading inconvenience because of it. [Answer: Is this still an issue? Which forums branding has this issue? We should double check before retiring this request.]


Remove inactive moderators and answerers


Can we please implement a process to remove moderator and answerer privileges from forums if a particular moderator/answerer has been inactive for 3 months or more?


Award recognition points for connect issues


Can we look into awarding points for reporting and contributing to issues on Microsoft Connect .


Explain the "mark as answer/ helpful" process to newbies


Before someone can post his very first thread, present him a css-popup (or something else that they definitely can't miss) that explains how the marking works and especially why it's important. [Answer: Would this be too annoying? Would people read it or just instantly dismiss it?]


SP 2010 Forum Descriptions


Please edit the Descriptions of the SharePoint 2010 forums so that they describe the intended purpose of each forum. Currently all 4 forums have the same description which is not very helpful.


Add an option to limit the My Threads list to a given timespan


The Microsoft MVP program requires candidates to provide contribution data for the past year, such as average post and replies per month, and average answers per month.


Move posts higher, based on the helpful votes it received


It would be helpful if posts voted with most 'votes as helpful' moves up in the thread (the way post marked as answer does). A lot of time you see an answer not really resolve your own issue (may be even wrongly marked as answer in the first place) but the ones other people voted as helpful do. In my opinion posts received more than certain number of votes (say 3) should go even above the 'marked answer'.


Award points for marking a post as "helpful" / "answer"


It would increase the usage of the 'mark post as helpful' and 'answer' feature, if people would be awarded a low amount of points (lets say 2 points) for the usage. [Answer: Doesn't this seem like it would be abused, though? Maybe if you only got points if the OP marked an answer you proposed as the answer? But even then, people would complain more about proposing your own answers and how it gives you additional points.] 


For Moderators: Show Thread's title and a start of the first message when moving a thread


For Moderators: Show Thread's title and a start of the first message when moving a thread to appropriate forum. Often it is hard to find the correct forum for the thread and so keeping it visible while moving will be very helpful. In other words, you see the list of the forums to move it to, but you don't see the title of your thread or the question on the page where you pick the forum.



Answer verification


When a reply posted by asker is marked as answer, it would be entering some "waiting for review" status, and really become an answer if a moderator confirms it's really an answer. [Answer: This is arguable. First, who's mark are you verifying? If you disagree with the Asker's mark, you should discuss it and not change it. They are the client. If you disagree with another Moderator/Answerer's mark, then you should discuss that too before changing it. If a Moderator/Answerer is marking all the wrong answers, then a discussion needs to happen to change some behavior. Either way, a profile-based Personal Message system might help more than an extra administrative step, delaying marked answers further, potentially causing less answers to be marked (due to lack of diligence), and potentially causing hurt feelings and arguments that would eventually require discussions anyway.]


Remove Alert from My Threads page.


Provide an option to remove the alert of specific thread from the My Threads page.


When a thread is split, link to the new new thread


Add a link to the original thread when the thread is split by a moderator (the same place where this post was placed before it was removed).


Spell Check


Add spell checking to forum post editor to improve quality. [Notes: This used to exist, but it was removed when a new Editor was integrated. Also, do all the current Internet browsers already provide spellcheck?]


Add option to ignore users


It would be nice to have the option to ignore users. Other forum software do provide such an option. Instead of his reply you get a message that the user is blocked and you get a link to show his post anyway. When ignoring an user, the forums software should also no longer send a notification to my email address about activity of this user in topic that I monitor.

2013/01/18 Provide a list of forum sites Requested The vast variety of places where one can seek help or offer ideas and feedback is very confusing. For example, there is no clear relationship between the "social" forums at and [Community] Microsoft Answers at; and many other "communities" are listed on Please provide ONE place with a comprehensive list [that includes summaries of the purpose of each site], and encourage those responsible for individual sites to display a link to the list [e.g. replacing the links in documents like the Announcement at]. [Answer: There should be a Wiki article that does this. Then we need to link to it appropriately from various places. This Wiki article exists. We need to link to it.]
2013/04/22 Android client for MSDN Forums Requested Considering the popularity of Android platform, many MSDN users are having Android devices for their personal use. The request is to develop a Android client to connect to MSDN/TechNet forums (like Tapatalk). This will add contributions from many members on the go.
2013/05/21 Convert Thread To Wiki Article Requested Reveal A Convert To Wiki Article Link After Forum Thread Has Been Marked as Answered. This suggestion is outlined in the following Technet forum thread: Create/Convert to Wiki Article Suggestion. [Answer: Mid priority for Wiki to get this implemented.]
2013/06/21 Show forum moved from Requested Please bring back the "From..." on moved threads so people know where a thread came from. It can be annoying to the OP to post in (say) Visual C#, have a moderator move the post to the "Where is the forum for..." forum, and be told "You should post in Visual C#"
2013/06/21 When scoring, do not allow negative scores Completed One of the big fails with Stack Overflow is that new posters can get quickly discouraged if they keep getting negative scores. I have even seen where someone went through and tagged a single target with lower scores on unrelated posts, because they thought that the primary was so poorly written. [Answer: There currently is no negative scoring system; only positive, like Facebook.]
2014/05/30 Points for every badge Requested I posted this at this thread. A summary of it is 10 pts per gold award, 5 pts per silver award, and 1 pt per bronze award.
2014/05/30 Disable SSL completely in all of Technet and MSDN Requested I posted this at this thread. A summary of it is All modern browsers now support TLS up to 1.2, so why do we need SSL of any version?


Last Edit Request Status Comment
2011/09/19 Gallery Q/A Alerts Requested Notify users of replies to their questions/comments on gallery items.
2011/09/19 Gallery Reviews Requested Visual Studio gallery has a review option. Extend this to all galleries.
2011/10/31 Mark Answers Requested Allow asker or poster to mark replies to questions as answers on Q/A.
2011/10/31 View Unanswered Questions Requested Provide some method of viewing unanswered questions for gallery contributions.  This would provide more visibility and allow questions to be answered more quickly.
2011/11/01 Allow Multiple Collaborators on a Script Requested  Provide the ability for more than one live id to edit/own a script. Note: The owner would control who to add or subtract.
2013/02/08 Gallery Rater Name List Requested Provide the ability to see the complete name list of names of the person who have rated the gallery item, this should be visible to to the gallery item contributor 
​2014/03/27 Sample Request Moderation  ​Requested Provide method to downvote/remove ​spam/outdated requests.

TechNet Wiki

Date Code  Request Status Comment
2011/09/20  WR1 Wider Reading Area Requested Articles are wider so that more content can be read. This "feature" can be found on Wikipedia and in TechNet/MSDN in the Library, Gallery/Samples, Support, and Forums sections. Submitted by Peter Geelen, here. [Answer: This is a high priority. Will explore options in late Summer 2013.]
2011/09/27  WR2 Page Views  Requested  Display the number of page views for each Wiki article.  [Answer: This is a high priority. Will explore options in late Summer 2013.]
2011/09/29  WR3 Tags Editor Tool Requested Allows someone to edit the capitalization of tags (currently inconsistent because the first person to use the tag defines the capitalization use). [Answer: Will explore options in late Summer 2013.]
2011/09/20  WR4 Expand and Collapse Sections Requested Reader can click a plus/minus icon to expand or collapse a header section of an article. A possible example is this TechNet Library page:  . [Answer: The need for this was reduced with the TOC feature, which has pushed more headers to be used. So this is a low priority.]
2011/09/29  WR5 Embed Any Video Need More Info Currently you can only embed YouTube videos. [Answer: Not True. There is a wide variety of formats supported, including HTML5. Need more specifics here and "proof".]
2011/10/14  WR6 Better Article List Browsing Completed On the front page, you have to select 'Click More' multiple times and the number of new posts that show is from 1-8 or so.  Make a standard and also allow full-page viewing of recently created or edited pages, popular pages, and pages by user. Similar to options on this page, but actually works and without having to scroll all the way down. On that "TechNet Articles" page, move the Wiki Articles lists (with dynamic tabs) above the static Featured Articles section. [Answer: This is done. You can go to the Featured Articles page, and the article list browsing is at the top now. This doesn't give all the specifics asked for (full page viewing, pages by user), but it helps with the problem of Better Article Browsing.]
2012/01/21  WR7 Contribution List/Search Requested Allow users to see all of their contributions they authored. (Gallery, Forums, Blog Authors, and Library Annotations have this; Wiki does not.) Gallery example. [Answer: This is a high priority.]
2012/02/17  WR8 Create Lists  Requested Users can add any items they want to their lists, and name the lists. Like the "Favorites" concept, but the users can have unlimited lists and name them what they want. [Answer: This is a lower priority, in favor of the Contribution List.]
2012/02/23  WR9 Stop self notifications  Requested   I don't need emails about things I change or add (comments) to pages  I've select "Email me updates to this page." [Answer: This is a mid priority. A nice to have.]
2012/02/29  WR10 Translation  Requested Having a way to link translated's pages with the original's page could be good. Thus the "Other languages" footer could be generated automatically. A checkbox with the language you did it could be a simple way to mark a en-US article translated into a X language. [Answer: This is a mid priority. You'd have to enter almost all the same info that you currently do with the manual process. So the value add would be minimal.]
2012/04/12  WR11 Credit Transfer  Requested  Administrators or original authors should have a manual way to set the original author of a Wiki page. The profiles should reflect the change as well. This action should be counted as well. [Answer: Mid priority. A nice to have, because it's not a common scenario.]
2013/01/14  WR12 Share on Google+  Requested  Add Google+ as extra venue to share the article in addition to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and others. [Answer: Lower priority. Most users also use other social sites, like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.]
2013/02/06  WR13 Moving stats Requested Move the stats to the home page (currently on the Featured Articles page). [Answer: Lower priority. A lot of cross-tool dependencies.]
2013/06/05  WR14 Language Filter  Requested Allow to filter articles viewable by languages (say, en-US, ru-Ru only). Allow to specify these languages in the Settings. [Answer: We have this for Russian, Portuguese, and Chinese. Adding more languages is a high priority.]
2011/03/24 WR15 Wiki Logo  Completed New TechNet Wiki logo. Update the "Wiki Wiki Wiki" logo. Submitted by George Doubinski here[Answer: This logo was updated in 2012 to the modern UI that all of TechNet snapped to.]
2011/03/24  WR16 Alternative to Content Portals  Completed Portals, like Technologies and Platforms. Perhaps instead a list with icons. Submitted by George Doubinski here. [Answer: The portals were updated with icons instead in later 2011. Then they were updated to the modern tiles in 2012.]
2013/05/21  WR17 Convert Thread To Wiki Article Requested Reveal A Convert To Wiki Article Link After Forum Thread Has Been Marked as Answered. This suggestion is outlined in the following Technet forum thread: Create/Convert to Wiki Article Suggestion. [Answer: Mid priority for Wiki to get this implemented.]
2013/06/14  WR18 UnDo Button  Requested Many Wiki Editor issues, such as indenting and bullet item problems, would best be handled by clicking "UnDo". [Answer: Mid priority. Ctrl+Z works.]
2013/06/15  WR19 Most Popular by Views  Requested Provide a list of articles sorted by the number of views per a filtered time parameter. [Answer: Currently the list on the Home Page does this a little by showing who earned the most points that week. Mid priority.]
2013/06/15  WR20 Most Active by Edits  Requested Provide a list of articles sorted by the number of edits or number of unique contributors [Answer: Currently the list on the Featured Articles page shows most edits that week. Plus Peter's weekly blog post gives more of this weekly info. Mid priority.]
2013/06/15  WR21 Most Recently Viewed  Requested Provide a list of the articles I authored that were most recently viewed. [Answer: Lower priority. I'm not sure the value of seeing which articles of yours were viewed last. I would think page views would take care of this need.]
2013/06/15  WR22 My Favorite Articles  Requested We used to have this feature in our profiles, where you pick your favorite articles. The Forums has a similar feature where you pick your forums that you frequent (add to My Forums). TechNet/MSDN Gallery also has a Favorites feature. [Answer: Mid priority.]
2013/06/15  WR23 Lightbox Feature  Requested A lightbox feature for larger images, and so users can zoom in on all or part of an image. [Answer: Mid priority.]
2013/06/15  WR24 Section Template  Requested Rather then entering all text in one design text box, enter text in separate boxes for each section (similar to Wikipedia). Then editor can automatically create TOC, back to top links at bottom of each H1 section, and horizontal line rules. This makes it easier to add the expand and collapse headers feature requested. [Answer: Mid priority.]
2013/06/15  WR25 RSS Feed for Tags  Completed Add an RSS feature to tags. [Answer: We now have RSS feeds on the tag results pages. The link is in the upper right corner.]
2013/06/30  WR26 Code block design  Requested Add a border, code language label, and "copy" link/button, like MSDN Samples, which makes code blocks stand out better and easier to copy.
2013/07/17  WR27 Start a Forum Thread  Requested On any Wiki article, the user clicks a link to start a forum thread about that article. First, the user has to select a forum. We can help by suggesting forums based on the article title, content, and tags. After selecting a forum to ask in, a template is filled in with the information. It includes a link back to the original article, and the forum thread title is auto-filled with the Wiki article title (the user can edit the title for further clarity). The original author (and all email subscribers to the article) are notified that a forum question has been asked about their article. This idea was suggested in this forum thread.
2013/08/08  WR28 Auto-Suggest Tags by popularity Requested When the tags are auto-expanded, they are currently added by the first match. This is often inconvenient, say, rn-US tag is much more popular than en-AU and also I want to use tag troubleshooting, but it gets auto-expanded into a longer tag. This auto-expansion is quite aggressive and I have to manually fiddle with it and lose time to fix. Also, I think all tags should be automatically put in proper casing
2013/08/15  WR29 Differentiate Comment Emails Requested Differentiate between [important] comments to the bottom of an article and [common] change/update comments in the subject line of the email notification we receive. I get a lot change/comment emails, but I'm mostly interested in actual article comments.
2013/08/23  WR30 Featured Articles Tool Requested Tool to easily feature articles and adds them to an RSS Feed. We need to explore Telligent's new widgets to see if this is covered.
2013/08/23   WR31 Font Style restrictions Requested  Only allow the one font (such as Segoe UI) and standard font size for the "normal". Enable code fonts via a code feature. - Problem: We don't want to disrupt code fonts. We also don't want to mess up the HTML.
2013/08/23  WR32 Reduce "No Change" Edits Requested  Users can click Edit, make no changes, and click Save (or enter a comment and click Save). They get credit for the edit. This could be user confusion, especially if they see "Comment" on the Edit page and think that's the only way to comment. Or maybe they want to "review the code" or check it out and then think they should click Save. Solution... The Edit doesn’t go through if no revisions were made.
2013/08/23  WR33 Draft Feature Requested  User can save draft to be edited later, so that any unfinished article can be saved but not published. - Expensive. - Alternatives… Use Expression Web (save locally) or just add it as a stub or "Work in progress".
2013/08/23  WR34 Locale-specific leaderboard Requested  Showing contributor leaders that are located (identified) with a specific locale only. For example, in the Chinese wiki, the leaderboard should only show those people who have contributed to the Chinese instance, not globally.
2013/08/23  WR35 Locale-specific SNS feature Requested  Allow people to share interesting topics in locale-specific SNS sites (Facebook, Twitter).
2013/08/23   WR36 Change Header Sizes Requested  H1's should be smaller. H3's and H4's should be bigger/bolder and more noticeable as headers. Change the CSS style file.
2013/08/23   WR37 Implement topic permission By Design Original topic author can lock topic so that it can only be edited by a selected group of people. [Answer: We recommend using a team blog instead.]
2013/08/23   WR38 Allow author to lock up a specific section of topic after publishing By Design User wants to draft a skeleton of topic and publish, then come back to further develop content for specific sections as he sees fit. [Answer: Just leave a note that the section is in progress.]
2013/08/23   WR39 Language-Instance Only Search Requested  Currently the search is for the main/English Wiki/English, so you can't search only on the language instances, such as Portuguese. [Answer: Needs investigation - Will wait and see with the newest Search platform - Worked okay for Ed on current platform.]
2013/08/23  WR40 Article Migrator Requested  Move articles from one Wiki instance to another, such as moving all the pt-BR articles on the main English wiki over to the pt-BR Portuguese Wiki.
2013/10/09   WR41 Introduce Penalties for "bad" activities Requested If the article has been deleted due to SPAM or Pirated content, introduce the following penalties: 

1. First SPAM article published (and deleted): - 5 points (negative)

1. First Pirated Content published (and deleted): - 5 points 

2. 5 SPAM/Pirated articles published: - 15 points

3. 6-10 SPAM/Pirated articles published: - 25 points and - 1 achievement in TechNet area

4. 11-100 bad articles published: - 100 points and - 2 related achievements

5. 101+ bad articles published: - 500 points and - 3 related achievements. If Wiki Ninja found to be a violator, he should lose the Ninja status and a blogger status

 2013/11/11  WR42 ​Adding RTL/LTR buttons, to switch between directions  Requested

The WIKI interface is not easy to work with languages ​​written from right to left. The transition between writing code (using left to right text), to plain Hebrew text (using right to left) is very uncomfortable. I strongly recommend to add RTL/LTR buttons, to switch between directions, as there are in most text editors. I can provide sample code for a Telerik editor in this blog.

Completed/Closed Requests

The following features have been added to the TechNet/MSDN Profile system and social platform tools. Requests that are marked as 'By Design' will also be moved here for informational purposes. "By Design" means that the request is closed and is intended to work that way. We'll try to provide a comment as to why.


Completed Request Status Comment
2011/08 Universal Profiles Completed Profiles show activity across all other Microsoft social tools... Forums, Wiki, Gallery, Blogs, Library Annotations, and Profiles. All the tasks reward similarly rated Achievement medals and Recognition Points.


Certain forums (ASP.NET, SilverlLight.NET, Answers, etc.) use their own points system and the members status is not automatically updated - MVP/MCC, etc.
2011/08 Profile Cards Completed Hover over a person's name to see a preview of their profile info (company, recognition points, and achievement medals).
2011/09 Achievement Filter Completed Add a filter that displays only the Achievements that the person has within their last 100 activities.
2011/09/29 Delete Your Account By Design The ability for people to delete their own accounts. [Answer: The system design is that we do not ever delete accounts. This is for transparency, historical records, and by closing accounts and wiping out content, it often hurts the social ecosystem (threads and content often depend on previous content to build context). Highly unlikely that will change.]
2011/09/29 Contribution Info  Completed Completed first phase with the "Experience" tab in user profiles. It includes Forums (Answers, Helpful Posts, Replies), Galleries (Samples Contributed, 4+ Star Ratings on those samples, Downloads of those samples), TechNet Wiki (New Articles, Article Edits, Comments - both Article and Edit comments), Blogs (Posts, 4+ Star Ratings on those posts, Comments the user made, Posts Rated by the user), Activities by Application (listed in order of contribution quantity -- TechNet Wiki, Forums, Galleries, Blogs), and Points by Application (listed in order of point quantity -- TechNet Wiki, Forums, Galleries, Blogs).
2011/11 Contribution Info Phase 2 released Allow users to see more stats regarding their account (Proposed answers, quick answers, blog comments, Wiki submissions, etc.). [Answer: Phase I of stats launched 9/29. Phase II released in November 2011.]
2011/12 Recognition and Award Programs By Design Create a clear process of how profile recognition relates to achieving program awards, such as the MVP and MCC awards. [Answer: There is no direct correlation today. Those that own the MCC and MVP programs have publically disclosed a loose process that's designed to maintain flexibility. See How to Become an MVP or MCC.]
2011/12 Change Email By Design The ability for people to keep their account the way it is, but to change the LiveID email associated with it. Currently they have to make the request. [Answer: By Design. The cost of creating the public tool for anyone to do is currently evaluated to exceed the work to complete this task on an as-needed basis. The process to make your request can be found here: How to Request Your Email or Live ID Changed on an MSDN or TechNet Profile]
2011/12 Activity Info: Wiki Ratings By Design Rating a Blog Entry is shown in Profile - Activity, Rating a Wiki Entry however isn't. Would be consistent to show that as well. [Answer: Also, rating a Gallery item is in the Activity, and Voting a Forum Post as Helpful is. Wiki ratings are not because they don't give you points (or take them away). The other tools do give (or take) points, based on ratings. Wiki ratings were eventually removed, which makes this request irrelevant. It's hard to know which entry you're rating when you rate a Wiki article, and the day after you rated it, someone might come along and make the article fantastic, and so your rating might be different on any given day.]
2013/01 Library Annotations: Piechart By Design Library Annotations show up in the Activity Feed. Could show up in application piechart too (no points as far as i know linked to them, so not sure if by design) [Answer: The Library Annotations used to exist as a section with statistical numbers in the Statistics section of the Experience tab of the Profile. The Annotation Library Annotations section was removed from the Profile due to lack of community adoption.]
2013/01 Activity Filter Completed We now can filter our activities on "Forums", "Gallery", and "Library". We should also be able to filter on "Wiki". [Answer: Now you can.]


Completed Request Status Comment
2011/09/29 Non Microsoft Bloggers By Design Currently Microsoft FTEs (full-time employees) and CSGs (contractors) can only author in the blogs. This feature would allow any person with a TechNet/MSDN account to blog. One variation would be for Microsoft FTEs to set them up. [Answer: The blogs are official points for Microsoft communication and as such any content writers must adhere to the Microsoft guidelines. It's not enforceable for non-employees. Some community-authored blogs do exist, but they're rare, focused on a topic that is community based (such as TechNet Wiki or an MVP area), and are still driven by FTEs.]
2011/10/19 RSS Feeds for Comments Completed RSS feeds for comments: A comment RSS feed is available on every blog: Example. You can also get a feed for comments for a particular post: Example.


Completed Request Status Comment
2011/07 MCC Acronym Completed "Microsoft Community Contributor" changed to appear as "MCC" in the Forums. The reason is that MCCs were being mistaken as employees because "Microsoft" was in the label.
2011/09 Proposed Answer Medals Completed To make it so that when you propose your own replies as answers, they don't count toward the Forum Proposed Answer Medals. Requested here.
2011/12 Default Site Layout By Design Allow users to select a default site layout. Visiting the same forums via MSDN or TechNet have different looks and can confuse users. [Answer: By design as part of top-level branding decisions that the Forums team doesn't have control over. However, these perspectives are being added to the future branding discussions. Many changes are actively being made based on your feedback about readability issues.]
 2013/01  Spam Barrier  Requested  Add CAPTCHA to posts that are made more than once.
 2013/01  Spam Moderation  Requested  Automatically filter posts that are made more than once and send them to moderation.
 2013/01  Spam Filter  Requested  Let the users filter posts based on a certain word or regex to make them show only once and maybe a number to indicate that this post has duplications.

TechNet Wiki

Completed Code  Request Status Comment
2011/06 WR-1  Comment Alerts Completed Notify users of comments to their subscribed articles.
2011/09  WR-2 External Links Completed External links (to TechNet Wiki) are marked with an icon and open in a new window/tab. Includes a tooltip on the icon to explain it. For example:
2011/05  WR-3 Table of Contents Completed User can add the TOC tag to instantly create a table of contents (based on existing headers). Learn more.
2011/08  WR-4 Wiki Leaderboards Completed

The Leaderboards list the Most Active Contributors (Top 10 people to have completed the most activities within the last week), Most Popular Article Contributors (Top 10 creators of articles determined by amount of Recognition Points awarded from view milestones, within the last week), and New Articles Created (Top 5 people who authored the most articles within the last month).

2011/11/14  WR-5 Tables WAE Known Issue Tables work as expected. This is covered in TechNet Wiki Known Issues.
 2013/04/04  WR-6 Update tables with color Known Issue Allow updates to tables without losing all color formatting. This is covered in TechNet Wiki Known Issues.


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