Q: Where can I get PowerShell V3?

A: you can get it here but please read the instructions!

Q: Where is a good place to get started with V3?

A: Right here:

Q: Where do I submit bugs or feedback?

A: Please submit bugs/feedback to the PowerShell Connect Site including prefix bug submission titles with V3.

Q: Will installing V3 remove my current version?

A: YES. Installing V3 will update V2 to V3. The download is an update to the current version. Note that when V3 is loaded, you can still run V2 by specifying the '-Version 2' parameter when starting PowerShell - thus you can run V2 and V3 'side by side'.

Q: How do I run in compatibility mode and get Version 2?

A: You can start PowerShell with the -version 2 argument. If you are running the V3 ISE, you can use this script to run the script is currently edited in V2.

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