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The purpose of this article is to provide links to other material: articles and blog posts that refer to PowerShell V3.

Microsoft Articles

Windows PowerShell Blog - Windows Management Framework 3.0 Community Technology Preview (CTP) #2 Available for Download
Windows PowerShell Blog - Windows Management Framework 3.0 Community Technology Preview (CTP) #1 Available for Download

MVP Articles

Overview to Version 3

First Glimpse at PowerShell v3 « Dmitry’s PowerBlog: PowerShell and beyond

V3 Feature

Windows PowerShell Version 3 Simplified Syntax
Windows Server 8 – Now with PowerShell Cmdlets for DHCP @ Jonathan Medd's Blog
PowerShell v3 – ISE Commands Add-on @ Jonathan Medd's Blog
PowerShell v3 – Bringing [ordered] to your hashtables @ Jonathan Medd's Blog
PowerShell v3 – Creating Objects With [pscustomobject] – it’s fast! @ Jonathan Medd's Blog PowerShell Magazine » How to find out what’s new in PowerShell vNext
PowerShell ISE v3 Script Explorer addon
PowerShell Magazine » PowerShell v3 ISE and ISE scripting model changes & improvements
PowerShell Magazine » PowerShell vNext – Web Service Entities
PowerShell v3 and JSON
PowerShell vNext: Get-SuperBowl
Out-GridView Now Has a PassThru Parameter « Tome's Land of IT
Reading RSS Feeds–Even easier in PowerShell V3
Windows PowerShell Web Access
Updatable Help in PowerShell V3 @ Thomas Lee's Blog
PowerShell V3 and Module Autoload @ Thomas Lee's Blog
New advanced functions language features in PowerShell v3
PowerShell Magazine » An overview of Windows PowerShell features in Windows Server 8 Developer Preview
Windows PowerShell: Meet the New Shell
PowerShell 3.0 – Now with a legible registry provider!
PowerShell 3 – Finally on the DLR!
PowerShell V3 CTP2 Provides Better Argument Passing to EXEs
PowerShell V3 – Default Parameter Values
PowerShell V3 – Auto-loading of Modules

Community Articles

Overview to Version 3

More PowerShell V3 Goodness
Tips & Tricks (What's new in V3) TechNet Wiki

V3 Feature

PowerWF - PowerShell v3 Preview: Networking
PowerWF - PowerShell v3 Preview: Default Parameters
PowerShell V3 CTP 1 released to Windows 7 and Windows 2008R2 and Export-Csv with –Append!

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