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Many of the articles in the PowerShell V3 Featured Articles cover the new features so check those out as well as this page is populated.


  • Workflows that run long-running activities (in sequence or in parallel) to perform complex, larger management tasks, such as multimachine application provisioning. Using the Windows Workflow Foundation at the command line, Windows PowerShell workflows are repeatable, parallelizable, interruptible, and recoverable.
  • Robust sessions that automatically recover from network failures and interruptions and allow you to disconnect from the session, shut down the computer, and reconnect from a different computer without interrupting the task.
  • Scheduled jobs that run regularly or in response to an event to deliver standardized "lights-out" operations.
  • Commands that can be executed with a delegated set of credentials so users with limited permissions can run critical jobs.
  • Simplified language syntax that make commands and scripts look a lot less like code and a lot more like natural language.
  • Improved cmdlet discovery and automatic module loading that make it easier to find and run any of the cmdlets installed on your computer.
  • Show-Command, a cmdlet and ISE Add-On that helps users find the right cmdlet, view its parameters in a dialog box, and run it.  



  • Show-Command pane lets users find and run cmdlets in a dialog box.
  • IntelliSense provides context-sensitive command completion for cmdlet and script names, parameter names and enumerated values, and property and method names.
  • Snippets add reusable text to scripts and commands. The built-in snippets include templates for functions, parameters, statements so users don't have to remember the syntax.
  • Collapsible regions in scripts and XML files facilitate navigation in long scripts.

Intellisense is a fantastic addition to the ISE experience.  It is especially useful for object discovery:  If you need to explore an object, you need only instantiate an instance of that object, press F5, and from then on, Intellisense will kick in, showing you all the methods and properties available for that object.  Sub-properties and methods are also returned by additional use of the dot operator.


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