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A common request on MSDN and TechNet Forums sounds like this...

"Is there any way one can change the associated LIVE ID with MSDN forums? I am registered through one email, which is a LIVE ID given to a Microsoft student partner (MSP). Apparently, this LIVE ID, as decided by MSP program, is expiring - so i was hoping if it is possible to transfer my live ID to another account."

Troubleshooting steps

Changing email alerts

If you just want to change the email where you receive alerts (for Gallery, Forums, Wiki, and Blogs), then see How to Change Your Email in Your MSDN/TechNet Profile Settings. 

Changing MSA/LiveID primary logon

See: Change your primary logon of your MSDN/TechNet profile

Switching/Moving/Merging MSDN/TN profile

Currently, it's not possible or supported to move your profile from an old to a new profile.  We are sorry that this feature has been disabled now. And we will let you know once it is enabled.


For your Reference:


And also it's not possible to merge accounts or transfer points from old forums account to a new one.

Troubleshooting MSA/LiveID account issues

If you want to switch the entire Live ID/Microsoft Account (all the services and not just two MSDN/TechNet profiles), or if this is more of a Live ID/Microsoft Account issue, see How to Troubleshoot Microsoft Account Issues.

Please note that is not possible to MERGE accounts together. We can only change which Live ID is associated with which profile but we can't take your points and achievements and merge them into another account.

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Thanks to Sean Jenkin for providing the solution.

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This article is part of the Wiki series: MSDN/TechNet Forums.