In this article, we will try to introduce workarounds to overcome the below bug in Project Server 2016.

The Site Title can not be changed in Seattle Master Page in Project Server 2016.


In Project Server 2016, the default Master Page for the PWA Instance is Seattle with Home word as a Site Title as shown below:

If you have tried to change the PWA Site Title through

  • Site Settings > Look and Feel > Title, Description and Logo.

You will note that  the new Site Title is not updated as shown below:


In Project Server 2013, we didn't face this issue with Seattle Master Page, and it's considered a bug in Project Server 2016
We already raised this issue via Project User Voice.

[Bug] The Site Title can not be changed in Seattle Master Page in Project Server 2016

Please don't forget to upvote this voice to get this issue solved as soon as possible!

By the way, the farm has been updated with the Sept 2017 Cumulative update for SharePoint 2016 but unfortunately, the issue still not solved!


You have two options to overcome this bug:

1. Switch the Master Page to Oslo Master Page instead of Seattle Master Page.


  • Site Setting > Change the look.
  • Click Current.
  • On the left side, > Site Layout > Select Oslo.
  • On the right side, > Click Try it Out > Yes, Keep it.
  • Go back to change the Site Title, it should be now changed.

2. Activate Wiki Page Home Page feature to set it as your site home page.


  • Site Setting > Site Action > Manage site features.
  • Activate Wiki Page Home Page.
  • Once the Wiki Page Home Page is activated, you will note that a new empty page (Home.aspx) has been created in the Site Pages and it set as the default homepage.
  • Now edit this page and add the below two web parts from Project Web APP category.
    • Get started with Project Web APP.
    • Track your work.
  • Stop page editing, and go back to change the Site Title that should be now changed successfully.


In this article, we have raised a new bug in Project User Voice and we tried to introduce a workaround to overcome this issue.


Project Server 2016: Can't change the Site Title in Seattle Master Page.

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