Problem Statement

We have an issue related to Intune / System Center Configuration Manager, it’s an actually seems like a normal problem but We can't see any online solution.

We have 690 mobile devices connected to our hybrid Intune via SCCM 2016. We want the mobile number of our Intune connected mobile devices no matter it is iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile. These devices are appearing on our SCCM inventory list. But we have some phone numbers with the asterisk in the first six or so characters, and some have without phone numbers at all and around 10 to 15 devices have a complete phone number.

We can't understand if you have any solution to this problem because we need all Intune connected user’s phone numbers.

Solution Statement

There will be 2 steps which will resolve your problems:
  1. First of all, go to the device details and see that what are the Ownership type you can see there. There are two types of ownership: one is Corporate. What you have to do is, just change the ownership type to a Corporate device rather than Personal and then you will have the whole or full phone number. Because for Corporate-owned devices, your full phone number can be seen. For Personal-owned devices, just the last four digits of your phone number are visible to your company. Note: If the phone number is not available on the SIM card, which is where it read from, it won't appear in the SCCM or Intune Inventory. It appears that your SIM cards don't have any phone numbers on, and getting the number on the SIM means taking it out and putting it on a device that allows you to write to the SIM. So it looks like in your environment with iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, you will have to settle for the usernames that already populate the Android inventory System.Name and ask all the iPhone users to ensure that their phone names reflect their usernames too.
  2. If you changed the ownership from Personal to Corporate then wait for at least seven days because, By default, the hardware inventory runs one time after one week or seven days. So wait some time and check if the devices come up with a full phone number.

This might resolve your problem.