Lots of fun and interesting things are available through the Azure REST API and the ability to quickly query items is very helpful as we assemble our apps.

But, one of the complications with the REST API is its reliance on bearer tokens for authentication and the winding road it takes to get one. Unless we just want to use our bearer token, which, in reality, is all we need.

Steps for Edge browser

  1. Login to the Azure Portal
  2. Hit F12 to access the Developer tools
  3. Select the Network Tab
  4. Select nearly any POST Operation
  5. Find your current Bearer token in the Request Headers

Now, you’re all set to use The REST API in PostMan and other tools. When this one expires, just refresh and get the new one.

Other browsers

This technique is practically identical in Firefox and Chrome as well.


If you want to achieve the same result but from an existing PowerShell session, take a look at the Get-AzureRmCachedAccessToken cmdlet in the TechNet Gallery.