There are many articles in the TechNet Wiki interface which must be kept updated at all times. For example, articles used as Portals (articles which bring us a list of articles in a specific category) need to be updated each time a new article is written in these categories. Articles that follow member activities should be added each time we publish statistics or new activities, and so on.

This article is for administrative purposes! In this article we will list these articles, so we can follow which needs to be updated, and who are the teams that are in charge of each article.

* When you update this article, then please keep the same format in below table. This will help us to maintain this article and use the information to contact people. We will copy the table content to excel from time to time, and sort the data as needed.

List of articles and their teams

 Article title and link Team - name and link to profile Last updated
TechNet Guru: The Most Frequent Award Winners Paul Long
TechNet Guru Contributions
List of Award Winning TechNet Guru Articles
Paul Long
TechNet Guru - Gold Winner Contributions

TechNet Guru - Silver Winner Contributions  2019-05-01
TechNet Guru - Bronze Winner Contributions
Wiki: Glossary of Technology Acronyms Richard Mueller
Wiki: Portal of TechNet Wiki Portals
Richard Mueller 2019-05-02
Wiki: Portal of TechNet Wiki Glossaries Richard Mueller
Wiki: Glossary of Microsoft Acronyms
Richard Mueller 2019-01-29
Wiki: Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) Portal Richard Mueller
Active Directory: Glossary
Richard Mueller 2018-11-28
Wiki Governance: Maintenance of Articles
Ronen Ariely 2018-02-23
TechNet Wiki - Top Contributors Awards
Rajeesh Menoth
TechNet Guru Contributions -
Rajeesh Menoth
Wiki Governance: Spam indicators (Blacklisted URLs and User accounts)
TechNet Guru - Gold Winner Contributions 2019-01-31
TechNet Guru Contributions - Azure Rajeesh Menoth 2019-11-02
TechNet Guru Contributions - Miscellaneous Rajeesh Menoth  2019-06-06
BizTalk Server: TechNet Guru Contributions Awards Rajeesh Menoth 2018-12-28 
TechNet Wiki Blog: Interview with a Wiki Ninja
Rajeesh Menoth
TechNet Guru Contributions: Microsoft 365 & Office 365 Rajeesh Menoth
 SQL Server vNext Wiki Portal    2019-03-20

Please help fill this article with a list of articles that need regular maintenance. If there is an article which you regularly maintain, then please add the article and insert your name in the "Team" column. Thanks.