Good News, for all IT's, Microsoft announce Accelerated Networking, both on Windows and Linux OS.

This feature can provide up to 30Gbps in networking throughput.

Support VM Instances

  • Standard_D12_v2, Standard_D12_v2_ABC, Standard_D12_v2_Promo
  • Standard_D13_v2, Standard_D13_v2_ABC, Standard_D13_v2_Promo
  • Standard_D14_v2, Standard_D14_v2_ABC, Standard_D14_v2_Promo
  • Standard_D15_v2, Standard_D15_v2_ABC, Standard_D15_v2_Nested, Standard_D15_v2_Promo
  • Standard_D16_v3, Standard_D16s_v3
  • Standard_D3_v2, Standard_D3_v2_ABC, Standard_D3_v2_Promo
  • Standard_D32_v3, Standard_D32-16s_v3, Standard_D32-8s_v3, Standard_D32s_v3
  • Standard_D4_v2, Standard_D4_v2_ABC, Standard_D4_v2_Promo
  • Standard_D40_v3, Standard_D40s_v3
  • Standard_D5_v2, Standard_D5_v2_ABC, Standard_D5_v2_Promo
  • Standard_D64_v3, Standard_D64-16s_v3, Standard_D64-32s_v3, Standard_D64s_v3
  • Standard_D8_v3, Standard_D8s_v3
  • Standard_DS12_v2, Standard_DS12_v2_Promo
  • Standard_DS13_v2, Standard_DS13_v2_Promo, Standard_DS13-4_v2, Standard_DS13-4_v2_Promo
  • Standard_DS14_v2, Standard_DS14_v2_Promo, Standard_DS14-4_v2, Standard_DS14-4_v2_Promo, Standard_DS14-8_v2, Standard_DS14-8_v2_Promo
  • Standard_DS15_v2, Standard_DS15_v2_Nested, Standard_DS15_v2_Promo
  • Standard_DS3_v2, Standard_DS3_v2_Promo
  • Standard_DS4_v2, Standard_DS4_v2_Promo
  • Standard_DS5_v2, Standard_DS5_v2_Promo
  • Standard_E16_v3, Standard_E16s_v3
  • Standard_E32_v3, Standard_E32-16s_v3, Standard_E32-8s_v3, Standard_E32s_v3
  • Standard_E64_v3, Standard_E64-16s_v3, Standard_E64-32s_v3, Standard_E64s_v3
  • Standard_E8_v3, Standard_E8s_v3
  • Standard_F16, Standard_F16_ABC, Standard_F16s, Standard_F16s_v2
  • Standard_F32s_v2
  • Standard_F4, Standard_F4_ABC, Standard_F4s
  • Standard_F64s_v2,
  • Standard_F72s_v2
  • Standard_F8, Standard_F8_ABC, Standard_F8s, Standard_F8s_v2
  • Standard_L16s_v2,
  • Standard_L32s_v2
  •  Standard_L64s_v2
  • Standard_L8s_v2
  • Standard_L96s_v2
  • Standard_M128-32ms, Standard_M128-64ms, Standard_M128ms, Standard_M128s
  • Standard_M64-16ms, Standard_M64-32ms, Standard_M64ms, Standard_M64s
  • Standard_NC12s_v2, Standard_NC12s_v3
  • Standard_NC24rs_v2, Standard_NC24rs_v3, Standard_NC24s_v2, Standard_NC24s_v3
  • Standard_NC6s_v2, Standard_NC6s_v3
  • Standard_ND12s
  • Standard_ND24rs, Standard_ND24s
  • Standard_ND6s

Accelerated Networking Diagram


The benefits of accelerated networking are:
  • Utilization of CPU will be decreased because the virtual switch is bypassed.
  • Lower latency, by removing the virtual switch from the datapath removes the time packets spend in the host for policy processing.
  • Reduced jitter, offloading the policy enforcement to the hardware removes that variability by delivering packets directly to the VM.


There are three limitations for this capability :
  • It cannot be enabled for an existing NIC, we need to create a new one
  • We cannot attach the NIC on an existing VM, we need to deploy a new one.
  • This capability is only available for ARM deployments