George Chrysovalantis Grammatikos is an Azure Cloud Architect. He has more than 10 years experience in different technologies like BI & SQL Server Professional level solutions, Azure technologies, networking, security etc.

He writes technical blogs for his blog "", Wiki Technet articles and also participates in discussions on Technet and other technical blogs.



  • MCSA: Cloud Platform
  • MCPS: Microsoft Certified Professional


I share my knowledge in my TechBlog.

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TechNet Wiki Articles


  1. Configure Remote Debugging Tool on Azure VM
  2. Maximize your VM’s Performance with Accelerated Networking On Azure
  3. OMS Troubleshooting: SQL Assessment doesn't work
  4. Azure: Add Reverse DNS Record To Your Cloud Service
  5. Azure Cosmos DB: Let's talk about Azure Cosmos DB
  6. Azure: Create Your First Azure Service Bus App
  7. Azure Cosmos DB: A Simple Project Using Cosmos DB And Azure App Service
  8. Azure: Deploy Your First Azure API App
  9. Azure: Encrypt Azure Virtual Machine Disks Using Key Vault
  10. Azure SQL: Service Tiers and DTUs
  11. Azure Cosmos DB: Few words about RUs (Request Units) in Cosmos DB
  12. Azure: Simple Words About Azure API App
  13. Azure Storage: Deploy Azure File Sync
  14. Azure Storage: Create Azure File Share
  15. Azure Cosmos DB: Migration from SQL to Cosmos DB
  16. Azure AKS: Deploy an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  17. About Team Foundations Server (TFS) And Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)
  18. Azure: Reserved VM Instances (RIs)
  19. Azure Logic Apps: Getting Started
  20. Azure: Active Directory Domain Services
  21. Azure Storage: C# Create Container, Upload & Download Blobs
  22. Azure VMs : Availability Sets and Availability Zones
  23. Azure Log Analytics: Deploying the first log analytics workspace
  24. On-Premise Domain Controller Replication To Azure VM
  25. Azure: How To Schedule Start-Stop Azure Virtual Machine

SQL Server

  1. SQL Server: Failover Clustering and Always On Availability Groups
  2. SQL Server: How to Configure pssdiag utility for SQL Server 2016
  3. SQL: Index Tuning in SQL Server vs SQL Azure

Power BI

Windows Server

  1. Windows: Manage DLLs in GAC
  2. Windows IIS: Create URL Rewrite rule for IIS website redirect

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Gallery Contributions

Servers - IIS

  1. Update IIS Website Content

Servers  - SQL Server

  1. T-SQL Script for Indexes maintenance

Windows Azure

  1. Deploy Virtual Machine And Secure The Disk Using Azure Disk Encryption Extension

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