Windows Admin Center (previously Project Honolulu) is browser based management tool that lets us manage for example windows servers, clients and other features in our environment.

As this is still quite a new product, users might encounter some difficulties understanding how it works.
In this quick guide we will show you an example where some users have stumbled upon a problem when trying to add server or PC connection in Windows Admin Center.

Adding a Server Connection

1. Open the Windows Admin Center.

2. Once the Windows Admin Center is opened click on "+ Add" and then choose Add Server Connection.

3. Now a Sign in windows should appear, insert your credentials that has access to the server:

When we entered our credentials we will see the "Credentials Needed" warning as shown below:

4. Enter your credentials once again:

5. We should now have the Add Server Connection window in front of us:

6. Now click on Submit.

7.We should now see the server we wanted to add in our connections.

8. Now click the server we just added, another Sign in window should appear, enter your sign in credentials once again:

9. Now we will yet again receive a window to Specify your credentials, enter your credentials:

10. Now a final Sign in window will open up, enter your credentials one final time and then click Sign in.

11.  You should now be connected to the server you added as shown below: 

Note: As mentioned earlier, this is a fairly new product so expect a lot of changes to happen :)