Eventviewer message

The management agent "AD MA" step execution completed on run profile "Export" with errors.

Additional Information
Discovery Errors : "0"
Synchronization Errors : "0"
Metaverse Retry Errors : "0"
Export Errors : "xxx"
Warnings : "0"

User Action
View the management agent run history for details.

Sync engine error message (Operations)

Step Type export
Status completed-export-errors

Sync engine error code

Error information

Running Management Agent AD MA
Error cd-error
Latest Occurrence dd/mm/yyyy
Initial Occurrence dd/mm/yyyy
Retry Count x
Connected Data source error code 112
Connected data source error: There is not enough space on the disk


This error is generated by AD domain controller to which the AD MA is connected at time of export.

The DC free disk space is insufficient to handle the required operations.

So, this is NOT an indication that the FIM/MIM sync eninge is experiencing issues on disk, but the target AD Domain controller.


  1. Open the Synchronisation Service Manager console on the FIM/MIM Sync engine
  2. Open the operations tab
  3. Find the AD MA with the faulty export run profile execution
  4. Click the run profile
  5. Check the details of the Run Profile
    1. Look for the 'Connection Status' window section (middle - right section of the main screen, or upper right of the run profile execution details screen)
  6. In the connection status, the Domain Controller is referenced.
  7. Check the operational status of the domain controller, more specific the disk space.