In May 2018, Alex Simons, Director of Program Management for the Microsoft Identity Division started a series of blog posts on the security of the identity infrastructure.

As the various blog post are building, you might lose the overview of the content. This Wiki article provides you a Table of contents of the blog post collection and provides you with the interesting links and downloads from the blog post.

There is no intention to repost the articles or repost the details, but rather providing a single point of access to all interesting and must-read content provided by Alex and team.




Eight Essentials for Hybrid Identity

#1 A new identity mindset

Blog post: (22 May 2018)

"#1 Identity as the control plane"


#2 Choosing the right authentication method

Blog post: (12 June 2018) :

Must read:

#3 Securing your identity infrastructure

Blog post: ( 27 June 2018):


  • Step 1: Strengthen your credentials
  • Step 2: Reduce your attack surface area
  • Step 3: Automate threat response
  • Step 4: Increase your awareness of auditing and monitoring
  • Step 5: Enable end-user self-help

Interesting reads:

#4..#8 <TBA>

As soon as they are published you'll know...

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