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Arleta Wanat is an Office Servers and Services MVP and Microsoft Community Contributor writing about SharePoint Server, SharePoint Online, and occasionally other Office 365 topics like Exchange Online. She writes in English, German, Polish, and French. Arleta is also guilty of almost 300 Powershell scripts and code solutions that hopefully make Office 365/SharePoint/Exchange admins' lives better.

She enjoys taking certifications, the most prized being Office 365 MCSA, ITIL, SharePoint 2013 MCSE, SharePoint 2016 MCSE and MCSE Productivity. 

Technet Wiki

SharePoint Server & Online


  1. SharePoint Online SPOMod cmdlets & resources
  2. SharePoint Online SPOMod: Installation guide
  3. SharePoint Server SPOMod: Connect-SPCSOM
  4. Connect-SPOCSOM
  5. New-SPOList
  6. Approve-SPOFile
  7. Remove-SPOListItem
  8. Set-SPOList
  9. Get-SPOList
  10. New-SPOListItem
  11. Get-SPOListItems
  12. Set-SPOContentType
  13. New-SPOListView
  14. Copy-SPOFile
  15. Restore-SPOListInheritance
  16. Restore-SPOListItemInheritance

Content Types

  1. SharePoint Online content types in Powershell: Add
  2. SharePoint Online content types in Powershell: Get
  3. SharePoint Online content types in Powershell: Edit
  4. SharePoint Online: Turn on support for multiple content types in a list or library using Powershell
  5. SharePoint Online content types in PowerShell: Group property
  6. SharePoint Online: Remove site content type using PowerShell
  7. SharePoint Online content types in Powershell: Fields vs Field Links
  8. SharePoint Online content types in Powershell: Known Errors
  9. Find content type ID in SharePoint Online using PowerShell
  10. Content Type is still in use: Powershell to remove items and content types


  1. Versioning and SharePoint: the Powershell perspective (part 1)
  2. Versioning and SharePoint: the Powershell perspective (part 2)
  3. SharePoint Versioning: the Powershell perspective (part 3)
  4. Working with multiple items using Powershell
  5. Delete unique permissions in multiple lists using CSOM
  6. Create a report on SharePoint file versions


  1. SharePoint Online: Verifying and modifying Flows Policy in site using PowerShell
  2. SharePoint 2013/2016 Troubleshooting Workflow Farm
  3. Reject? Approve? The third option in SharePoint Designer 2013 workflows


  1. Get all checked-out files using Powershell
  2. SharePoint Online: Disable or enable attachments to list items using Powershell
  3. SharePoint Online: Get any object with PowerShell (Part 1)
  4. SharePoint Online: Get any object with Powershell - sites and webs (Part 3)
  5. Powershell GridView to help with SharePoint data viewing
  6. SharePoint 2016 Troubleshooting: Installation error - The tool was unable to install Web Server (IIS) Role

Office 365

  1. Office 365 PowerShell Troubleshooting: quick guide
  2. Quick way to set up Office 365 tenant for testing
  3. Customizing sign-in experience for external users

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