In 2010 workflows "Start an approval process" task allowed you to choose multiple user answers:

More info:


However, the “Start Approval Workflow” action was deprecated in SharePoint 2013.

So what should you do if your design requires more than just Approve and Reject responses from your approver?



Use Flow. Microsoft Flow is a great tool for creating automated workflows between your favorite apps and services to get notifications, synchronize files, and collect data. Microsoft Flow has OOTB possibility to define more than 2 user's responses:

It is easy to use and, as a growing product, Flow will provide you with more and more options.


SharePoint Designer

Modify the content type.

SharePoint Designer "Assign Task" action uses a content type called Workflow Task (SharePoint 2013). The content type uses an outcome choice field which can be customized to allow more options

In your site collection navigate to 

  • your Site Settings, 
  • Site content types, 
  • Find "Workflow Task (SharePoint 2013)".

You can choose to modify the existing content type or you can create a new one, based on the default Workflow Task (SharePoint 2013). 

In order to create a new one: 
  •  navigate in Site Content Types to the top of the page 
  • click Create:

Choose a name for your content type. For the parent content type select Workflow Task (SharePoint 2013) which you can find under List Content Types:

Click OK. What you have now created is almost an identical copy of the Workflow Task (SharePoint 2013).

Now add an outcome choice field with all the options you need:


  • Scroll below and choose "Add from new site column". 
  • Type in column name.
  • Select "Task Outcome" for the column type.
  • Under additional column settings, type each of choices on a separate line, e.g. Approved, Rejected, Deferred. You can enter as many choices as you need.
  • Click OK
Go back to your custom task content type and add the newly created site column. Remove the default Task Outcome.

Now you can use your task in SharePoint Designer.


  • Open your workflow
  • Open your "Assign Task" action and expand Outcome Options
  • In the task content type, choose your custom content type
  • In the outcome field you should see the name of your custom column
  • In the Default Outcome dropdown, you should see all the 3 options