We see a lot of System Center Operations Manager 2007 Reporting installs around here and while they almost always work perfectly, when they don't it's usually because of a few common issues. I've listed some of these common issues below. The log file for Operations Manager Reporting, MomReportingX.log, is located in the temp folder (%temp%) and in “MomReportingX.log”, the “X” is the number that is based on the installation. To locate an error in this log file, search for the text “value 3”.

The following sections list the issues that you might see and the steps that you can take to resolve them. These include both specific error messages and usage problems.

MomReportingX.log:  Error: Unable to get the Management Server Action Account

This error occurs when name resolution has not been configured correctly. To fix this problem, add the correct DNS entries and reverse lookup entries for the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the root management server (RMS). To validate this, from the Windows desktop, click Start, click Run, type the FQDN for the RMS, and then click OK. You should see a browser window view of the RMS.

MomReportingX.log:  Adding REPORT_SERVER_FULL_HTTP_PATH property. Its value is 'https://Servername:443/ReportServer'

This error can occur when SSL is not set up on the SQL Server Reporting Services server. To fix this problem, remove SSL from the default reporting Web site in IIS. For information, see article 946418 available in the Microsoft Knowledge Base (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/946418).

Could not find OperationsManagerDW

This error usually occurs when UDP port 1434 and TCP port 1433 are blocked by a firewall between the Reporting server and SQL Server. If you are using a named instance, SQL Server might have assigned a dynamic port to the instance.  Use SQL Server Configuration Manager to identify the port that your SQL Instance is listening on and then open the corresponding firewall port.

MomReportingX.log: Error (407) Proxy Authentication Required

This error typically occurs if you have a proxy server configured in your Internet Properties\Connections\Local Area Network (LAN) Settings. To fix the problem, remove the proxy setting from the server on which you are installing Reporting.

Applications event log: Error 25156. Failed to create MOM database.  The system cannot find the path specified.

This error can occur when you specify a drive and directory that does not have SQL Server installed. To fix the problem, make sure that you select the drive where SQL Server is installed.

Browsing to http://localhost/reports returns “Service Unavailable”

This error can occur when permissions are missing on the %Windows%\temp folder. To fix the problem, grant “Full Control” permissions for the %Windows%\temp folder to the user account that is running the installation and the Localsystem account. 

Note: This information was originally contributed by Satish Phatge, System Center Support Engineer, on the Operations Manager Support Team blog: