Color is an important visual factor to an user.Selecting proper color not only gives a better interface but also helps in viewing things properly. RGB (Red,Green and Blue),HSL (Hue,Saturation and Luminosity) and HSV (Hue,Saturation and Value) play a very vital role. You can change the default color of Command Prompt to your desired one.

Steps to Follow:

  • In Start Search type CMD 
  • Right click and select Open file location or, you can simply click Open file location
  • The default location is C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\System Tools 
  • Right click on Command Prompt shortcut and select Properties
  • Select Colors.
    1. You will find default screen text color has a RGB value of 204 each.This is tagged as Gray.
    2. The default background color is Black with a RGB value 12 each.
    3. The default popup text color has a RGB value 136, 23, 152 and tagged as Dark Magenta
    4. The default popup background has a RGB value 242 each and tagged as  Very light gray.
  • Here you can change the Color of each of the above by selecting the desired color from color panel or, by changing the RGB values.
  • Make sure to select the best option keeping visibility of text in mind.You can change the opacity also by dragging the opacity scale.
  • Click OK or Apply.






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