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Microsoft Photos is available in Windows 10. Microsoft Photos allows us to organize, edit and share our memories. Movie making is easy, we can pick a theme, pick a soundtrack, add text or sub-titles, add filter or 3D effect or, automatically generate a movie with one click. Our story telling becomes so vivid with Microsoft Photos.

How To:

  • Open Microsoft Photos.
  • Click Video projects and click  Create tab.
  • You will get three options:
  1. Automatic video with music
  2. Custom video with music
  3. Album
  • Select Automatic video with music.
  • Now select the photos with which you will make the video or, your storytelling.
  • Click Create button again.
  • Give a name to your video.
  • Click OK.
  • It will take a few seconds to create video from selected items.
  • Now your video is ready, play it.
  • If you like to remix then click remix for me icon, which will change the content, music and style of the video.
  • Click Export or share.
  • Select the file size.
  • The video will be saved to C:\Users\user name\Pictures\Exported Videos\x.mp4
           Where x=Name of the video.
  • You can share the video online ,upload to YouTube, email or, another app.etc.

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