Since version 1710 the opportunity to create child task sequences []. This can be useful when there are many basic task sequences with repeating steps that can be put out of the box.

For example, there are many task sequences for PXE-installing Windows along with software. In this case, for software it will be convenient to use a separate (child) task sequence and tie it to the main (parent) one. 

This is done simply. You need to go to the Software Library->Overview->Task Sequences, right-click and select Create Task Sequence. Next, in the wizard you need to select Create a new custom task sequence, give a name, do not specify a boot image, Next->Next->Close.

After that, you need to go to the editor of the task sequence, right-click, selecting the Edit menu item and add necessary programs: Add->Software->Install Packages or Install Applications.

Now in the editor of the task sequence you need to remove the group with the installation of programs and add the created child task sequence. To do this, go to Add->General->Run Task Sequence, click the Browse button and select one.

Further, these steps are repeated for each task sequence. In the future, it is not necessary in the parent task sequence to make any changes regarding the software, it will be enough to edit only the child.