This page lists out the scheduled blog authors for the Wiki Ninjas Blog (the official blog for TechNet Wiki). We build out schedules in quarterly blocks.

Current Schedule (Q4 2019)

Dates MM/DD Monday (Interview) Tuesday (Article Spotlight) Wednesday (Wiki Life) Thursday (Council Spotlight) Friday (International Update) Saturday (Top Contributors) Sunday (W/E Surprise)
09/30 - 10/06
10/07 - 10/13
10/14 - 10/20
10/21 - 10/27   George
10/28 - 11/03     
11/04 - 11/10
11/11 - 11/17
11/18 - 11/24
11/25 - 12/01
12/02 - 12/08
12/09 - 12/15
12/16 - 12/22
12/23 - 12/29


Previous Schedule (Q2 2019)

Dates: Monday (Interview) Tuesday (Article Spotlight) Wednesday (Wiki Life) Thursday (Council Spotlight) Friday (International Update) Saturday (Top Contributors) Sunday (W/E Surprise)
Apr/01 - Apr/07   Terry Visakh      Kamlesh      Kamlesh    Kamlesh
Apr/08 - Apr/14                  Kamlesh   
Apr/15- Apr/21                  Kamlesh   
Apr/22- Apr/28                  Kamlesh   
Apr/29- May/05            Kamlesh      Kamlesh   
May/06 - May/12                  Kamlesh   
May/13- May/19                  Kamlesh   
May/12- May/26      Shanu            Kamlesh   
May/27- June/02      Jaliya            Kamlesh   
June/03 - June/09            Kamlesh      Kamlesh   
June/10 - June/16                  Kamlesh   George
June/17 - June/23      Shanu            Kamlesh   John N
June/24 - June/30     Gaurav  Gaurav  George      Kamlesh   


Blog Post Themes

Here is the list of the corresponding themes for each day of the week:

Monday: Community Interview – We pick one person on TechNet Wiki, write about their Wiki achievements (and also about their other achievements), and we interview them. You'll also see a few video interviews in this series. Examples: | Also see Interview with a Wiki Ninja for the list.

Tuesday: Article Spotlight – We pick an article (or series of articles) on TechNet Wiki and write about the value of it. Examples:

Wednesday: Wiki Life – We write about a tool, feature, practice, or process on TechNet Wiki. The topic could be about navigating, editing, authoring, linking, languages, profile tools, the Translation Widget, or where the Wiki is mentioned in the world (like on other sites). Examples:

Thursday: Council Spotlight – On Thursdays, we write about the projects that our Community Council is currently working on like The Featured Article Teams, Wiki Feature Requests and Bug Fixes, expanding Portals or Cross-Linking, the TechNet Guru contest (which connects the Forums and Wiki), the Wiki Ninja Belt Ranks, Governance and Guidelines, etc. Either someone who is on the council will post on what they're doing, or one of our authors will take a more journalistic approach, documenting the progress that they observe or submit an opinion-style post where they brainstorm on what they think is possible. Examples:

Friday: International Spotlight – This is a digest of International Wiki news, community wins, profiles, articles, and/or top contributors in the International space. We want to focus on Non-English spotlights since the other days focus more on English. Examples:

Saturday: Top Contributors of the Week – We will feature a list that highlights the top contributors each week. Join us as the community earns their Wiki Ninja awards Examples:

Sunday: Surprise – Anything related to TechNet Wiki. We won't always have a post on Sundays, but this allows us to have some flexibility. Examples:

As Needed: Wiki Ninja News – When there are any Wiki-related events, promotions, or any other news.

TechNet Guru – We post about the TechNet Guru contest, including listing the winners, giving updates, and featuring each winning article. Examples:

Community Win – We write about an example or success story of how the community came together to do something great with TechNet Wiki. This can be published on Tuesdays (as an Article Spotlight) or on Sunday Surprise. Examples

Social Synergy – This is a subcategory for Wiki Life Wednesdays. We focus on using TechNet Wiki in a collaborative way with other social tools like TechNet/MSDN Gallery, TechNet/MSDN Forums, TechNet/MSDN Blogs, CodePlex, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Examples:

Acceptable Content

Blog entries must be on the Wiki. It's great to add a personal touch to the article, but the primary focus should be the Wiki. For Sunday Surprise, make sure you still link to at least one Wiki article. Avoid topics that the community would consider as blatant self-promotion. If you have done some spectacular work on the Wiki that is worth showcasing, you are likely to be asked for an interview.

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