This page lists out the scheduled blog authors for the Forum Ninjas Blog  (the official blog for MSDN and TechNet Forums). We build out schedules in quarterly blocks.

Current Schedule (Q1 2019)

Dates: Monday (Interview) Tuesday (Article Spotlight) Wednesday (Wiki Life) Thursday (Council Spotlight) Friday (International Update) Saturday (Top Contributors) Sunday (W/E Surprise)
jan/01 - jan/06                     
jan/07 - jan/13                     
jan/14- jan/20                     
jan/21- jan/27                     
jan/28- feb/03                     
feb/04 - feb/10                     
feb/11- feb/17                     
feb/18- feb/24                     
feb/25- mrt/03                     
mrt/04 - mrt/10                     
mrt/11 - mrt/17                      
mrt/18 - mrt/24                     
mrt/25 - mrt/31                      

Blog Post Themes

Here is the list of the corresponding themes for each day of the week:

Monday: Interview with a Forum Ninja – We pick one contributor on MSDN and Technet Forums, write about their forum achievements (and also about their other achievements), and we interview them.


TuesdayFeatured Forum Post – We pick a forum post or forum thread on MSDN/TechNet Forums, and we write about the value of it. Examples:  

Wednesday: Featured Forum  – We write about a Microsoft forum that we think is great, whether it's about a great technology, is an example of great collaboration and moderation, or simply features a lot of great answers or news-related posts.


Thursday: Best Practices –  We write about a tool, feature, practice, or process on MSDN/TechNet Forums. Topics could be about navigating, editing, asking, answering, linking, languages, profile, forum features, or anything related to using the forums.


Friday: International Spotlight– This is a post about International Forums news, including featuring a thread, forum, or group of forums in a non-English language. We'll look and see what's happening around the world!


Saturday: Top Contributors of the Week– We will feature a list that highlights the top contributors each week.


Sunday: Surprise – Anything related to Microsoft forums. We won't always have a post on Sundays, but this allows us to have some flexibility.


Acceptable Content

Blog entries must be about the MSDN and TechNet Forums. It's great to add a personal touch to the article, but the primary focus should be the Forums.

Previous Schedule Plans

Previous schedules from 2018 can be found here: Forum Ninjas Blog Authoring Schedule 2018

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