TechNet Wiki has a feature called "Tags" for every article.

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Tags are used to:

  • indicate key topics or key words of the article content
  • group articles on the same topic, 
  • easily to find articles.


One of the practical examples is the Wiki Tag Cloud. It contains the most popular tags on the TNWIKI (top 80). 

You can find via the TNWiki home page.

The Wiki Tag cloud is part of the recent article list (More details on recent articles).

To access the Wiki tag cloud directly, go to :

You'll see the Wiki tag cloud on the right hand column. It looks like

Tag Cloud

General purpose use of tags

  • grouping articles on the same topic
  • finding articles more easily
  • quickly finding solutions
  • quickly finding articles from the original author

What are the tags used for in practice?

Platform Usage Statistics

You'll notice that we have applied a bunch of tags, to get an ease monitor on the article statistics.

This is explained here:



Within the language tagging, you can also find a category of tags to indicate translation

  • From a language (source)
  • to a language (target)

More info here: Wiki: Translation Tags

User tags


Issues with current use

Some numbers to see what is happening....

  • Currently the Wiki has about 28000 pages.
  • We have 30000 tags
  • And 19000 of them are single use. 
Download Wiki Tag overview here:  TNWiki - tag use overview (v2019-07-18)

This completely defeats the proper use of the tags.

  • lots of the articles have 'single use' tags, meaning a tag is only used once. This way the tage is used to identify a single article, but does not allow to search and find multiple articles with the same topic
  • Tag polution
    • the Wiki system currently has 30K tags in use, of which 20K single use tage, which cripple the system
  • Tag overload, when you load the overview of articles on the Wiki landing page, the full tag list is loaded, which causes a performance issue.



Please DO

  • REUSE tags as much as possbile
  • use only IMPORTANT and ESSENTIAL KEYWORDS in your tags
  • use SINGLE WORDS as much as possible
  • use the bare minimum words to identify the core content of the artcile
  • use the general product name
  • use the specific product name including product number only when the topic is specific to that product version
  • always combine product numbers with the product identifier, use the product name (like Sharepoint 2013,  ...)
  • limit the tag length to the absolute minimum
  • limit the number of words in the tags (by preference no more than 5 short words per tag)
  • validate and challenge the proposed tag name,
    • the Wiki system will propose an existing tag, based on an alphabetical search, which is not always the best fit



  • create unique, single use tags
  • copy the title of your article in the tags section
  • use general words, that apply to any or many topics
  • use just numbers (like the typical Microsoft product numbers, indicating the year of launch)
  • blindly accept the first tag proposal because he Wiki system will propose an existing tag, the first available, already in use, but this is rarely a good suggestion, due to polution of the tag system) 
  • remove personal (author identifier) tags, 

Updated tag maintenance guidance

  • split tags in significant, reusable parts that can be combined to optimize search (using tag combinations)
  • combine tags (use 2 significant tags, instead of 1 longer)
  • reuse tags
  • English-Roman languages: (default language) : remove special characters (non alphabetic, non numbers, )
    •  This does not apply to other non-English/roman languages
  • remove single use tags, with the exception of 
    • very fresh new articles, recently published (<1mth)
    • personal tags of fresh authors (but they must be reused on very short term, <1mth)

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TNWiki tag report

Tag use overview (XLS)

Download the XLS report of the tags used in TechNet Wiki here: TNWiki - tag use overview

This report will be updated on a regular basis.

Count of TechNet Wiki Article's Amount for Each Tag

Count of TechNet Wiki Article's Amount for Each Tag

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