This article organizes known issues about Small Basic Online v0.91.  In this article. SBO means Small Basic Online.  SBD means Small Basic Desktop.  And program ID KFQ075(O) means SBO program .

Known Issues

  1. Different keymapping: GraphicsWindow.LastKey returns different characters. Ex. [1] key returns “D1” on SBD v1.2 but “1” on SBO v0.91. 
  2. AND/OR don’t work: Program stops at an instruction with And/Or operations on SBO v0.91. Sample code: KFQ075(O). 
  3. To detect keys one has to click on TextWindow: Status SPEC. Input focus will be provided when the text window is clicked on SBO v0.91. 
  4. No window title: No GraphicsWindow.Title and TextWindow.Title are shown on SBO v0.91. GraphicsWindow.Title is just ignored. But TextWindow.Title makes the program result in no output. Sample: SHV441(O). 
  5. DrawText acts as shape, changing font changes all drawn font size: Not as Shapes but FontName and FontSize can be changed after DrawText on SBO v0.91. Sample code: KSQ033(O). 
  6. Italic doesn’t work: FontItalic and FontBold make the program no output on SBO v0.91. Sample code: LWG131(O). 
  7. SB Desktop Parity: All the quotations must be closed: Program with text literal without closing double quotation doesn’t show anything on SBO v0.91. Sample code: NVW432(O). 
  8. TETRIS is loaded instead of SOKO: See 
  9. At least Program.Delay(0) is needed after GraphicsWindow.FIllEllipse(). Sample code: LZH417(O).
  10. GraphicsWindow.FillEllipse() and Shapes.AddEllipse() ellipse width becomes 75% when the width and the height are different.  Sample code: LZH417(O). Workaround: CQX826(O).
  11. Shapes can't be rotated.  So simulate rotation in a program KXF822(O).
  12. Shapes triangle offset will be ignored.
  13. A Shapes line move is not absolute but relative.  Sample code: KXF822(O).  Workaround: VMK968(O). 
  14. Clipped Shapes on the graphics window edges can't be removed correctly when moved.
  15. Math.ArcTan and Math.Tan are not supported.  Program KXF822(O) simulates ArcTan.
  16. Array can't be initialized with such like "1=One;2=Two;".
  17. a + b becomes Text.Append(a, b).  Workaround: a * 1 + b.
  18. Math.Round rounds zero-up (to positive side) while SBD rounds to the nearest even number (so called banker's round).
  19. Turtle is drawn under it's trailing lines. 
  20. Setting GraphicsWindow.FontBold stops the program.
  21. Default GraphicsWindow.FontBold is "False".  It's default is "True" for SBD.

Documentation Issues

  1. Only English documents are available. 

Specific Difference

  1. Segoe UI Emoji characters are displayed as color font.  Sample code: DNZ933(O).
  2. SBO editor's indent is 4 while SBD indent is 2. 
  3. Program IDs for SBO are different from ones for SBD.

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