In this topic, we are going to learn how to create virtual machine by using EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) in AWS. 

Step: 1 Login in to AWS account

Go to Compute and then click on EC2


Step: 2 Click on the Launch Instance button in EC2 console


Step: 3 based on the requirement we need to select the VM template which is available in the below screen. For this tutorial we are selecting “Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Base


Step: 4 Choosing the Instance Type, according to AWS its combinations of CPU, memory, storage, and networking capacity so you can choose the appropriate mix for your applications.


Step: 5 Select General purpose Instance Type and then click on Next: Configure Instance Details



Step: 6 Click on Next: Add Storage

Step: 7 Following with Previous tabs then click on the others tabs like Add Storage, Add Tags , Configure Security Group , Reviews




Step: 8 Click on Review and Launch button and Launch button


Step: 9 Key pair is needed to connect virtual machine, if you have created already choose from dropdown otherwise choose Create a new key pair.

Enter the name in Key pair name then click on Download Key Pair button.

Save the key pair .pem file in local machine and then click on Launch Instances button.



Step: 10 To know more about status of the VM then click on the View Instances button




Step: 11 Click on the Connect button to start the VM.


Step: 12 In order to connect VM, we need to generate password. User name defaulted to Administrator


Step: 13 Click on Get Password button then select the Key pair .pem file which is downloaded earlier.


Step: 14 Click on Decrypt Password button it will give you the plain text password to connect the VM.

Step: 15 Click on the Download Remote Desktop File, open the file once its downloaded.

Enter username and password then connect VM by using Windows RDP.