This article captures the technical contribution from Subhro Majumder to the TechNet Wiki community. All the publications, scripts, awards and other contributions which are associated with Subhro has been captured in this single article. 

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Subhro Majumder is an Infrastructure Architect. He started his career with Windows Server and Active Directory, followed by VMware,AWS and Azure. 

In a career spanned over 16 years, Subhro has helped many large and medium organizations planning, designing and managing their IT infrastructure which are based on Windows Server, Active Directory, Certificate Services, VMware and Azure.

Subhro is a regular contributor at Microsoft TechNet Wiki. Many of Subhro's articles have received accolades from TechNet judges, and went viral.Most of the articles are related to Azure, Windows Server and Active Directory. He has also published many PowerShell scripts in Microsoft TechNet Gallery. Total download count of his PowerShell scripts  has exceeded 13000.

Subhro has done global certifications in Azure, Windows Server and AWS.

TechNet Wiki Articles

Subhro has published articles in 3 major categories :
  • Azure
  • Active Directory
  • Windows Server


Active Directory

Certificate Services

Windows Server

PowerShell Scripts

Subhro started publishing PowerShell scripts for Active Directory and Windows Server. These days he is also publishing scripts related to Azure.

You can get all PowerShell scripts which are published by Subhro, in this link.

Below list captures all the scripts published by Subhro.

Azure Scripts

Windows Server & Active Directory Scripts

Awards & Recognitions

TechNet Guru Awards

The TechNet Guru Awards is a monthly recognition program, which celebrates the technical articles on TechNet. The articles are contributed and nominated by wiki authors for the current month.

Each month, the contributions are assessed and scored by a panel of judges (5 per category, 2-3 in each are MS experts). From each category, 3 articles are chosen and are awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal based on the article score.

Subhro has won TechNet Guru medals for the following articles :

Recognition Points and Achievement Medals

Recognition Points reflects the level of contribution you have made in the MSDN/TechNet community. Also, more recognition points generally earn more trust from the users and viewers who will follow your publications and scripts.

You earn recognition points from multiple sources like wiki articles, gallery scripts, helpful answers etc.

So far, Subhro has earned more than 9000 Recognition Points  from the MSDN/TechNet community.

Achievement Medals show your accomplishments. While Recognition Points focus on the QUALITY of what you do, the Achievement Medals focus on the QUANTITY of what you do. 

The below table highlights Subhro's achievements so far :

Community Interview

Subhro has been interviewed by TechNet Wiki community, and the interview has been published in the below link :

Interview with a Windows Server, Azure and PowerShell Wiki Ninja – Subhro Majumder

Top Contributors Awards

Top Contributors Award is a weekly recognition program by TechNet Wiki community, to measure and publish top wiki contributors for that week. Contributions are measured from various perspective, and there are different category of awards 

So far Subhro has received total 12 Top Contributors awards, which are as follows :

  • 02 Feb '19 : Most Revised Article Award for azure-key-vault-overview
  • 22 Dec '18 : Most Revisions Award
  • 24 Nov '18 : Most Revised Article Award for exploring-azure-load-balancer
  • 01 Sep '18 : Most Revisions Award
  • 01 Sep '18 : Most Revised Article Award for group-policy-filtering-and-permission
  • 04 Aug '18 : Most Revised Article Award for azure-ad-connect-user-consolidation
  • 12 May '18 : Most Revised Article Award for azure-active-directory-introduction
  • 11 Feb '18 : Most Revised Article Award for active-directory-replication-metadata
  • 11 Feb '18 : Ninja Edit Award for
  • 03 Feb '18 : Most Revised Article Award for active-directory-how-to-add-custom-attribute-to-schema
  • 10 Dec '17 : Most Popular Article Award for active-directory-checklist-for-decommissioning-a-domain-controller
  • 02 Dec '17 : Most Revised Article Award for troubleshoot-active-directory-replication-issues-with-repadmin 

Impact on Community

What impact all these publications and scripts have made on the technical community?

Microsoft provides few tools to assess the impact, which are as follows:
  • For TechNet articles, Microsoft notifies the View Milestones once an article reaches a certain number of viewership.
  • For TechNet scripts, the real time download count is available in the script gallery. There is also a rating system available for each script, where users can rate a script which they have used. They can also post questions in Q&A section and share their feedback.
Now let's assess Subhro's contribution with the help of these tools :

Identification of a Product Bug

Subhro has identified a bug in Microsoft Windows DNS Server, which can delete large number of reverse DNS records without any warning, while creating overlapping reverse lookup zones.

Subhro has published a wiki article on this issue, and also reported the issue to Microsoft Support team. The team reproduced the issue in Microsoft lab and confirmed that this finding is true. They also informed that this issue would probably be fixed with the next release of Windows.

He has also uploaded a PowerShell script in the TechNet Gallery, which would help creating large number of DNS records within a short period of time.

See Also

 This section lists some useful links related to TechNet Wiki. These articles are not published by Subhro, but other TechNet Wiki contributors and moderators.