This the final article of Auto SP Installer for SharePoint 2016.

Please refer my previous articles if you are interested in

Purpose of this article to user Online Editor to SharePoint Installation configuration.

after you have set up everything, as per my previous articles, You need to go to Online Configuration Editor

Then you need to choose Load from my XML and and choose the AutoSPInstallerInput file.

Then the below page will be visible.

we don't need to edit all the configurations for this scenario.

First add the HOST name for the SharePoint Server. Since we have two SharePoint servers, we will insert both two hostnames.

If you are multiple domain environment, use the full domain name for the host.

Then navigate to Install Section and Specify the SharePoint Product Key and the Version to 2016 if it if not selected.

then, Navigate to Main section,

here, there are few sections you need to fill up.

First you need to add the Security Phase for the Farm

Then we have to mention the farm account name, refer my first Article.

Service Account name : spadmin
Rights : Local Admin All Servers (DB,WFE,APP)
SQL DB Rights: SQL DB Creator and Security Admin Rights
Domain Privileges: Service User
Description: Use for set up and Configuration 

since we are not using any custom alias , remove the tick and mention the database server name and the prefix for SharePoint databases.

Central Administration will be provision on the APP server, thus I selected it and remove the  SSL because , we will be running behind the WAF

Then specify the other accounts which we have created before as below

Service Account name : spfarm
Domain Privileges: Service User

Service Account name : spservices
Domain Privileges: Service User

Service Account name : spsearch
Domain Privileges: Service User

Service Account name : spprofile
Domain Privileges: Need Replicating Directory Changes

Then navigate to services section and select web application to deploy in WFE server.

Then configure the email , setting, You can use the existing Email server.

All other sections are optional to configure.

go to the Review and Download section to copy the configuration file.

Copy and paste the XML file to AutoSPInstallerInput file.

Now you are done with the configuration.

Just go to Automation Folder

and Launch to install the SharePoint.

and do the same installation in SPApp server as well.