StatCounter for article TechNet Wiki Bugfix: Save with RetryThis article addresses a frequent TechNet Wiki bug:

Saving an article often fails and may require several manual retries.

A Tampermonkey script mitigates this problem:

It adds an additional "Save !" button which automatically retries a failing save action up to 10 times.
If 10 retries fail a confirmation dialog offers you to continue or cancel.

Supported Browsers

All browsers that support the browser extension Tampermonkey:

  • Chrome
  • Dolphin Browser
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera Next
  • Safari
  • UC Browser


Let's fix the Wiki?

Unfortunately, TechNet Wiki has several known issues. Some of them already exist for years although many of them are easy to fix (like the mixed-up change tags on the history tab). A draft plan for improving the Wiki could look like this:

  1. We update/complete the list of known wiki bugs
  2. The community (council) prioritizes these bugs
  3. A (small) budget is provided to fix at least the top-prioritized bugs

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