We will explain how to configure an Azure App from Marketplace in our custom domain. We have selected 'ASP.Net starter Web App' found at the market place for the demonstration.

1. Create the Azure Web Application

First, search for ‘App Services’ in the Azure portal and open it

Add a new app and select the application as shown below

In the following image, we are showing how to set the application properties

After setting everything as required, create the app. It will take some time to create it for you. Sit back and relax 

Check the Notification page for the completion notice and got to the next step

2. Access the web application from Azure Domain

The web app is now available from the following domain


Here, aspazureapp is the name we have given above while the creation of the app. Remaining name (azurewebsites.net) is common for everyone

3. Change the Azure Web Application’s domain name to a custom domain

Now, we can set the domain name as our own domain or we can purchase a new domain for that. Go to the ‘Custom Domains’ settings of the azureapp and click ‘Add Domain’

In this example, we are trying to host the application in our own existing domain. Type the custom hostname and click ‘Validate’

Now, you need to add the Azure suggested records in your domain DNS as you found at the bottom of the window

Once we add the required records, we can successfully validate the records by clicking ‘validate’ again.

Click ‘Add Hostname’ to complete the settings. Now, we can access the ASP.Net starter Web App in our domain name successfully. Have a nice time!