Hello Wiki,

In this article I’m planning to write how to create CSR in IIS and then how to complete your request in order to have an SSL Certificate on a website in IIS.
First thing you need to do is open IIS ( Internet Information Services ) and then in the home page move to the Server Certificate.
From here you can either create a self signed certificate which is created by your IIS service and is just for test purposes and the second one is creating public certificate.
We’re moving toward creating a request and then completing a public certificate request.

From IIS > Server Certificate in the right pane as you can see there a button called Create Certificate Request, click on it and you will see a windows opens to get some information in order to create your CSR.

Common Name : Here’s where you will enter your site name which you want to use SSL Certificate on it, if it’s a wildcard domain name then put a Star in the beginning ex. ( *.microsoft.com ) or if it is a normal certiciate just write your domain name.
Organization : Here you should enter your Organization name which you want to buy certificate for.
Organization Unit : If you want to set your Organization to belong to an OU you can set your OU name here, but it is just a logical name and it does nothing with your SSL Certificate.
City/Locality : Enter your organization locality information.
State/Province : Enter your organization State name.
Country/Region : And for the final step choose your organization’s country.
And Click Next:
At the second page you can choose Cryptographic method between DH and RSA on the first item.
And in the second item you can choose Bit Length.
And for the final step choose where do you want to save your CSR code and click finish.

After getting your CSR code your can buy your SSL Certificate from any Public CA Stores and after that they will mail your SSL Certificate files and you can use them in your IIS website.
After you got your SSL Certificate again, go to the Server Certificate in IIS Home, from the right panel choose Complete Certificate Request.
As you can see a windows opens and asks you to define the Public SSL Certificate location you bought recently, choose path and write a name for your SSL Certificate and chooe where you do you want to store it in your server.
Attention: most CAs create .CRT extension SSL certificates but IIS supports .CER SSL Certificate when you want to import it, just please rename its extension to .CER and import it, That’s it.

Good luck.