A user reported that when she clicked on the document library link, as it appeared in the All Site Content view, the browser presented the message "The Webpage cannot be found". What confused her was that when she navigated to the All Site Contents page, she could see the document library, let's call it MyDocLibrary, and it was reported to have 229 items. However, clicking on that link navigated her browser to the Webpage cannot be found message. When she tried a link to the document library in the Quicklinks navigation, it seemed to navigate her browser to the library, and it seemed to present a normal page, but the area on the page where the documents would be listed was entirely blank. Interestingly, the ribbon only displayed the BROWSE and PAGE tabs.


This experience can occur when the document library's default view page has been deleted. The solution is to navigate to the document library's settings page and create a new default view. Since a direct link to that page no longer exists, you'll need to construct the URL yourself. The URL to the document library's settings page is of this form:


The ID here has been URLEncoded. Unencoding it gives something like this:


where "%7B" and "%7D" are left and right brackets "{}" and "%2D" is a hyphen "-". To navigate then to MyDocLibrary's settings page, you need to replace the GUID string in this URL with that of MyDocLibrary.

To obtain that GUID, remote into a farm SharePoint server, launch an elevated SharePoint Management Shell, and then execute the following:

(Get-SPWeb -Identity "").lists | ft title,id

where the site URL would be the URL to the site hosting MyDocLibrary. This will return a listing of all lists and document libraries hosted by the site. Parse this to find the GUID associated with MyDocLibrary. Then replace the GUID in the original string. You don't really need to URLEncode it. It will work just fine if you use it unencoded. For example, if the GUID retrieved was B69CA01B-08CE-4F1F-AAE8-FC6435FCF90E, you would craft the URL like so:{B69CA01B-08CE-4F1F-AAE8-FC6435FCF90E}

Once you navigate to the document library's Settings page, create a new default view. Once the view is created and configured as the default, SharePoint will automatically updated all auto-generated links to the document library, including the link listed in the All Site Contents view. Quicklinks are another matter. If you have manually created quicklinks to the document library, these you will need to update manually.


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  • Credit for this solution goes to a work associate, Mahesh.