Why Unit Testing?

Why should you write Unit Tests? Here are some points which are mostly mentioned if somebody argues against Unit Tests

  • It is time-consuming
  • It interrupts your work
  • They are unnecessarily
  • They are complicated
  • Some code cannot be tested

So, why should you write Unit Tests? The guys from Agitar Technologies gives you a starting point to think about - http://www.agitar.com/solutions/why_unit_testing.html

Ok, I want to write Unit Tests, but what should I test? Arnt Berge wrote down his thought about what should be tested in ASP.NET MVC - http://blogg.bouvet.no/2011/04/05/thoughts-on-unit-testing-in-asp-net-mvc/

How to start Unit Testing?

All right, I'm convinced, where should I start? Here are some links, where Unit Testing ASP.NET MVC applications is the central point.

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