When you insert code blocks into your article, the online editor is automatically adding borders to the code blocks.

But when you save the article, you might see that your code blocks are losing their borders...

Just as an example, to demonstrate what happens:

Check rev 6 of this article, and then check the final version.

Issue sample demo

You'll see in the block below, the borders are missing

Code line 1
Code line 2
Code line 3

What it should be... 

Code line 1
Code line 2
Code line 3


Here's the solution...

Edit your article again, go into HTML editor.

Replace all instances of :

<div class="reCodeBlock">


<div class="reCodeBlock" style="border-style: solid;border-width: 1px;  padding: 1px 4px;">

"One HTML fix a day, keeps the administrator away!"