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Sathya is a SQL Server database and business intelligence professional, who has more than 8 years of experience. He likes to work on T-SQL, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, handling XML, JSON data in SQL Server, Microsoft Azure (SQL, DW, Cosmos DB, Data factory), R, Python, PowerShell, Power BI,  Machine learning and Database administration. 

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TechNet Wiki

Sathya has authored 38 technet wiki articles and has won 8 gold,4 silver,3 bronze (total 15) technet guru medals [as on 04-August-2019].

 SNo Article  Category  Month  TechNet guru medal 
 1 T-SQL Script to update string NULL with default NULL T-SQL April 2013  
 2 SSRS: Passing CSV as Input to Stored Procedure SSRS May 2013  
 3 Generate XML with Same Node Names using FOR XML PATH T-SQL,XML June 2013  
 4 T-SQL: Remove Leading and Trailing Zeros T-SQL June 2013  
 5 Avoid T (space) while generating XML using FOR XML clause T-SQL,XML June 2013  
 6 Generate XML - Column Names with their Values as text() enclosed within their Column Name Tag T-SQL,XML June 2013  
 7 SSIS: How to Add Missing Control Flow Items / Data Flow Items to the SSIS Toolbox SSIS July 2013  
 8 Using Browser from within SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)  SSMS  July 2013   
 9 SQL Server Management Studio: How to Add Line Numbers  SSMS  July 2013   
 10 T-SQL: Script to Find the Names of Stored Procedures that Use Dynamic SQL  T-SQL  July 2013  
 11 SSIS: Move a Folder from one Drive to Another Drive Using the File System Task  SSIS  July 2013   
 12 SSRS: Multi Font Color / Multi Font Size within a Single Field / Textbox  SSRS  July 2013  Gold 
 13 SSRS: Multiple Ways to Split a String into Multiple Lines  SSIS  July 2013  Bronze 
 14 How to Check the Syntax of Dynamic SQL Before Execution  T-SQL  August 2013   
 15 T-SQL: How to Compare Two Tables Definition / Metadata in Different SQL Databases  T-SQL  August 2013   
 16 SSRS: How to set Column Visibility Property for Many Columns Based on Parameter's Value  SSRS  August 2013  Silver 
 17 SSRS: How to Display Multiple Columns (Header and Value) Horizontally Stacked in one Row Cell  SSRS  August 2013   
 18 SSRS: How to Repeat Headers on Each Page  SSRS  August 2013   
 19 SSRS: How to Group Same Row Data with One Column Having Varying Data  SSRS  August 2013   
 20 SSRS: How to Repeat Headers for Each Group  SSRS  August 2013   
 21 SSRS (Matrix): How to Repeat Headers on Each Page and Keep Headers Fixed while Scrolling  SSRS  September 2013  Bronze 
 22 T-SQL Script to Get Detailed Information about Index Settings  T-SQL,Index  September 2013   
 23 How to Generate Index Creation Scripts for all Tables in a Database using T-SQL  T-SQL,Index  September 2013   
 24 SQL Server Performance Tuning with Indexing  T-SQL,Index  September 2013  Silver 
 25 T-SQL: Display Horizontal Rows Vertically  T-SQL  September 2013   
 26 SSRS: Multi-valued Parameter as Stored Procedure Input  SSRS  September 2013  Gold 
 27 SSIS: Import Excel to table - Cannot convert between Unicode and non-Unicode string data types  SSIS  September 2013   
 28 SSRS - RDL Compare  SSRS  September 2013  Silver 
 29 SSRS - Sorting  SSRS  October 2013  Bronze 
 30 SSRS: How to Calculate Total of Dynamic Columns  SSRS  October 2013   
 31 SQL Server - Effects Of Renaming a Column Of a Table  T-SQL  January 2014   
 32 SSRS - Make common change in multiple reports in one click  SSRS  November 2015  Silver 
 33 SQL Server Import/Export to CSV using R script  T-SQL,R  January 2019  Gold 
 34 SQL Server Import/Export to Excel using R script  T-SQL,R February 2019  Gold 
 35 SQL Server: Export SQL file output to Excel file with R script  T-SQL,R March 2019  Gold 
 36 T-SQL : Search for string or phrase in SQL Server database  T-SQL,R  April 2019  Gold 
 37 T-SQL : Data profiling in On-premise SQL Server / Azure SQL database  T-SQL,Azure  May 2019  Gold 
 38 SQL Server Import/Export to Excel using Python script  T-SQL,Python  June 2019  Gold 


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  • Sathya shares his experience and learnings on SQL server related topics through his personal blog since September 2012 -  https://www.allaboutmssql.com/  
  1.  Posts on T-SQL Scripts - https://www.allaboutmssql.com/p/t-sql-scripts_19.html
  2.  Posts on SQL Azure - https://www.allaboutmssql.com/p/c.html
  3.  Posts on querying JSON in SQL Server - https://www.allaboutmssql.com/p/sql-server-2016.html
  4.  Posts on querying XML in SQL Server - https://www.allaboutmssql.com/p/blog-page_24.html
  5.  Posts on SSRS - https://www.allaboutmssql.com/p/blog-page.html
  6.  Posts on SSIS - https://www.allaboutmssql.com/p/sql-server-integration-services.html

Awards and Interviews

  1. Awarded as "Microsoft Community Contributor"  - July 2013  
  2. Answerer & Moderator for MSDN SSRS, SSIS, T-SQL & Getting started with SQL Server forums
  3. Awarded as "Microsoft Most Valuable professional" - January 2014
  4. Interview with a Wiki Ninja: Sathyanarrayanan S, MCC and TechNet Guru Medal Winner
  5. Congratulations to New MVP and Wiki Ninja Blog Author, SathyanarrayananS
  6. Inducted into MVP Reconnect program on January 2019 


Sathya has done below certifications:

  • 70-433 - Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Database Development
  • 70-432 - Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Implementation and Maintenance
  • 70-451 - Designing Database Solutions and Data Access Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • 70-457 - Transition Your MCTS on SQL Server 2008 to MCSA: SQL Server 2012, Part 1


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