In this article we will review a quick solution to increase the upload max file size for Azure Database for MySQL. 

In the case we have a simple website that needs to connect to a MySQL Database we could easily setup the Azure Database for MySQL service to consume the MySQL Database. Therefore if we need to restore or upload a backup from MySQL on top of the Azure Database for MySQL we will find that there is a very small limit about ~8MB to restore the database using PHPMyAdmin.


That said, we might need to increase the upload max file size limit. What we can do is: 

1. Go to the Azure Portal, then in App settings add:




 2. Now go kudu console, create the folder "ini" and create the file .extensions.ini

3. Then add the following into the file: 




4. Now go back to phpmyadmin on your kudu console: and you will see the changes reflected. 

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