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This guide applies to System Center Orchestrator 2016


Update Rollup 8 was released a few days ago for System Center 2016, however after applying the latest Update Rollup 8 for Orchestrator 2016, when you’re trying to run the Runbook Designer we receive an error and cannot open the Runbook Designer in any way.

There’s been a similar case earlier with the Update Rollup 4 for Orchestrator 2016, back then there was an additional step prior to installing the update rollup, the SQL Server Native Client had to be installed.

However for Update Rollup 8, this is not the case.

The Problem

Once the update rollup 8 on the Orchestrator 2016 environment has been installed, we can no longer open the Runbook Designer, nor can we perform the Data Store Configuration. When opening the Runbook Designer we get "The server threw an exception" error as shown below:

The first thing that might come in mind is to perform the Data Store Configuration.

Let’s go ahead and open the Data Store Configuration which can be found on the Orchestrator management server.

Once we’ve opened the Data Store Configuration, enter the servername and instance name of the Orchestrator database and then click Next.

Next we want to choose "Use an existing data store", however when selecting this option we receive the following error: "Could not connect to the specified database server" as shown below:

The solution

When reading the KB article for the Update Rollup 8 for System Center 2016 Orchestrator, under the “How to obtain Update Rollup 8 for System Center 2016 Orchestrator” section there is an important mentioning:

"Important Before you install this update, make sure new SQL driver (MSOLEDBSQL) is installed on the Management server role. For more information, see the Microsoft OLE DB driver for SQL Server topic on the Microsoft Docs website."

The link however doesn’t redirect us to any download link for the Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server, it goes to the documentation page.

What we need to download is the following package:


Once we've installed the Microsoft OLE DB Driver 18 on the Orchestrator management server, we will need to perform the Data Store Configuration before accessing the Runbook Designer.

We are now able to select the existing data store:

Then click Finish and we should shortly receive an identical window as shown below:


If you have installed Update Rollup 8 already on the Orchestrator management servers:

  1. Download and install Microsoft OLE DB Driver 18 for SQL Server.
  2. Run the Data Store Configuration.
  3. Open the Runbook Designer.
If you have not yet installed the Update Rollup 8 on the Orchestrator management servers:

  1. Download and install Microsoft OLE DB Driver 18 for SQL Server.
  2. Download and install the Update Rollup 8 for Orchestrator 2016.
  3. Run the Data Store Configuration.
  4. Open the Runbook Designer.


Always carefully go through the KB article for each update/update rollup before installing the update, there are things that may be easily missed otherwise.

As a good practice it's also recommended to make sure to have backups before applying a bigger update such as an Update Rollup.

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