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When troubleshooting an issue System Center Operations Manager (SCOM), there are some important steps that should be done before start reviewing data and performing troubleshooting itself.

We can summarize the troubleshooting process in the following six core phases: 
  1. Identify the problem.
  2. Establish a theory of probable cause.
  3. Test the theory to determine the cause.
  4. Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem and implement the solution.
  5. Verify the full system functionality and if applicable implement preventative measures.
  6. Document findings, actions and outcomes.

SCOM Components

In order to have a better experience troubleshooting SCOM, it is recommended that you have a brief understanding of the SCOM components.


1. Installation Issues

This section describes some of the common SCOM installation issues.

1.1 SCOM Component Installation

  • Management server installation
  • Gateway server installation
  • Database & data warehouse database installation
  • Web Console installation
  • Console installation

1.2 Agent Installation

2. Configuration Issues

This section describes some of the common configuration issues in SCOM.

2.1 Database / Data warehouse Configuration Issues

  • Database / Data warehouse database low disk space
  • Database / Data warehouse database slow performance

3. Discovery Issues

This section describes some of the common discovery issues when trying to deploy SCOM agents to either Windows, UNIX or Linux operating systems.

3.1 Server / Client discovery

4. DMZ / Workgroup Issues

This section describes some of the common issues when trying to set up out-of-band monitoring with SCOM, by using a Gateway server and/or certificates.

4.1 Connectivity Issues

  • Gateway server
  • Agent server

4.2 Certificate Issues

  • Gateway server certificate
  • Agent server certificate

5. Management Pack Issues

This section describes some of the common management pack issues.
  • Importing management packs
  • Downloading management packs
  • Creating management packs

Best Practices


Management Packs

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