How to embed SWF file to SharePoint 2010 pages?

Embedding SWF file in a SharePoint page involved two steps.

1. Enable browser File Handling access so that you can view flash content in SharePoint 2010
2. Embedding SWF file to SharePoint 2010 Page

Step 1:  Go to Central Administration | Application Management | Manage Web Application

Step 2:  Select your web application which you want to enable Flash

Step 3: Now click on General Settings and in the drop down list click General Settings

Step 4:  Scroll down and select the permissive radio button and click OK

Step 5:  Upload your flash contents to a folder in SharePoint including html, swf and all the supporting files.  Get the URL of your index.html file and insert the page viewer web part in SharePoint and in Link section add your URL. Insert a Flash Video into SharePoint 2010

Step 6:  View your page and you should see your Embedding SWF file in a SharePoint 2010 Page