1. Build MSDN/TN reputation FIRST, then post on TNWIKI

You'll need a certain level of reputation and trust to publish on TN Wiki.

Best option is to participate in MSDN/Technet forums.

Alternatively you can work with a coach or mentor, who publishes your first articles on your behalf.

More info here:

2. Prepare offline

First prepare your article offline.

When you create your article, the first version content must be ready. Do not publish an empty framework article.

3. ONLY Microsoft technology

"    The Wiki is focused on Microsoft technologies. This means that the core content of Wiki articles must be dedicated to Microsoft technology. "

From: http://aka.ms/NotForTNWiki#NOTMSRELATED

4. No blog style, no personal style (It's "WE" not "ME"!) 

The Wiki is not a personal blog, but it is shared content.

5. Added value and unique content (no copy-paste, NO Piracy)

Content must be unique, we delete illegal content, like any copyright violation.

6. Content first, then video/images

Write the article first, with primary focus on text, video or images come later.

7. Content first, then layout.

Focus on content, you can do the gold plating later.

8. Write in your own language

Make sure you master the languague you write in.

9. Ask help, review before you publish.

Ask someone or your peers to review your first draft.

You can always ask help on the Wiki Forum (http://aka.ms/WikiForum) 

10. Work together

  • A wiki article is shared work.
  • You don't own the article, it's community content
  • Use the power of community to make the article grow

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