While we access SharePoint site or any document from SharePoint, the users are asked to enter the credentials multiple times which actually frustrates to the users.

What is the reason behind this issue?

The root cause of the problem is security context. When we authenticate in Internet Explorer, we are providing our credentials within the context of a single application which is nothing but “Internet Explorer”. Then once we click on a document or open a document from SharePoint, we have just created another security context. On top of this , if we try to open a Microsoft files like word, excel , this will again try to connect office online server and authenticate there with the another context. This continues as much as applications are involved in that particular SharePoint page or resource.

Microsoft says about this issue is – it is a known issue or by the design of SharePoint.

How to fix this issue?

Now, we knew that what root cause of this issue, so we need to fix this issue. In order to fix this issue we need to perform one of the following or with the combinations.

  • Implement Kerberos authentication in your SharePoint server.
  • Connect all SharePoint servers those are part of SharePoint farm under a single common domain and make sure all users available in the single active directory domain same as SharePoint server domain.
  • Make sure that there is no network devices, like proxy servers or firewalls which unveils the authentication information from the network communications between your local laptop/desktop and the SharePoint servers.
  • If you have enabled Anonymous authentication then we need to make sure that Require Use Remote Interfaces permission is Disabled . Select your web application from Central admin -> Click on Authentication Providers -> Click on the Default zone. Then we will get the below page. Here if we see enable anonymous access is checked then ensure that Require Use Remote Interfaces permission is unchecked.
Why multiple times SharePoint users ares asked to enter password

  • Make sure that SharePoint Web Services IIS website authentication configuration is correct means need to ensure the SharePoint Web Services IIS website is having same authentication as your web application where you are facing problem. To verify this follow this navigation – Go to IIS server and select the “SharePoint Web Services” web application and compare the below authentication with your SharePoint authentication.

Why multiple times SharePoint users ares asked to enter password IIS settings

  • If you have DNS Proxy enabled, it is recommended that disable the DNS proxy and test your web application.


Thus, in this article we have learned about the root causes of the multiple times of authentications and its fixes.


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