Power Virtual Agents is an easily created powerful bot and no-code graphical interface without the need for data scientists or developers. It eliminates the gap between the subject matter experts and the development teams building the bots and it minimizes the IT effort required to deploy and maintain a custom conversational solution. This wiki will demonstrate how easy it is to setup and build a Bot using Power Virtual Agents. The Bot will call a Power Automate Flow to return data from CDS and display it to the user. Power Virtual Agents is part of Microsoft AI and it allows Bots to be created using a Flow like designer without any code.

Setup Power Virtual Agents  

Power Virtual Agents is a software-as-a-service (SaaS). It allows you to easily sign up, create your bot, and embed it into your website and integrate to the different channels with just a few clicks. There’s no infrastructure to maintain or complex systems to deploy. 1. Navigate to Power Virtual Agents and select Start Free and Sign in/ Signup using your work school  account.


Create New Bot Application 

You can create a new bot by selecting the icon on the title bar to open the Bots pane and then selecting New bot, let you select the default environment for now.

Customize your Greeting 

The Power virtual agent dashboard with sequence steps is the author topic, publish bot and Monitor the performance. You can click on customize your greeting and will see the details below .

Select the options “Customize your greeting” and you can see the default user trigger options and message template. Initial trigger phase will be, which user provides the trigger message and based on that bot will reply the message.

Test in Bot Emulator

You're now ready to test your bot. You will test your bot using the built-in Power virtual agent bot Emulator.  Start give the user Input and refer below image, how to Trigger phase and message sync with user reply.


You have successfully done the setup and built a bot application in the power virtual agent. I hope you have enjoyed learning about Power virtual agent bot. If you have any questions/feedback/issues, please write them in the comment box.


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