In this article we will cover a procedure to log in to the Microsoft Community Ninjas team in Teams, and  troubleshoot when we are using another teams account.

You have already been notified about new WIKI Ninja MS Teams Channel and you may have already received the email with the link.

Let's go step by step to login

You can open the MS Teams by clicking on the 'Open Microsoft Teams' button.

It will be redirected into the MS Teams login page.

If you open this link the first time while you are already using MS Teams you will see the following error message.

"You'll need permissions to access this team or channel. Try contacting the team owner or admin"

To fix this error message, please follow-up given steps below.

1. Open Google Chrome and at the top right corner, click on Profile.

2. Then click Add

3. Then choose a preferable name and an image for your new Google Chrome profile.

(Optionally, you can select the 'create a desktop shortcut for this user' check box. This will add a shortcut into the desktop)

4. Once you fill and click on Add, a new Google Chrome profile will be added into your Google Chrome browser.


5. Once the Google Chrome profile was created, Copy the link from email you have received.

 6. Paste the copied link into the address bar where your browser has been opened with the new profile.

7. Cancel the pop-up message and choose the 'use the web instead' option.

8. At the next step, you can enter your user name and password to log in to the WIKI Ninja MS Teams channel.

Once you enter your email and password, you should be inside the team


Using the Teams desktop app allows you to connect only to a single tenant and using a single account. This can be extremely limited. In this article, we showed you how we can us the browser to create a new "person" and connect to a team on Teams.

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