Azure can help you tackle your business challenges. Bring your needs, creativity, and favorite software
development tools. Azure provides a huge global infrastructure on which you can build your applications
, always ready to use.

Let's take a quick look at the top-level services Azure has to offer.


Azure services Operation & Network


The bigger picture below can help you get an overview of the services and features in Azure.


Let's take a closer look at the most frequently used categories:

  1. Operation
  2. Network
  3.          Storage
  4.          Mobile
  5.          Databases
  6.          Web
  7.          Internet of Things
  8.          Big Data
  9.          Artificial intelligence
  10.          DevOps


        Compute services are often one of the main reason’s companies switch to Azure. Azure offers different
 options for hosting applications and services. Here are a few examples of compute services in Azure

            Service name   
               Service function
Azure Virtual Machines
Windows or Linux virtual machines (VM) hosted in Azure
Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets
Scale for Windows or Linux VMs hosted in Azure
Azure Kubernetes Service
Allows management of VM clusters running containerized services
Azure Service Fabric
Distributed system platform. Runs on Azure or in an on-premises environment
Azure Batch
Managed administration for equal and superior processing
Azure Container Instances
 Run containerized apps in Azure without provisioning a server or VM
Azure Functions
An event-driven, serverless transaction service


        Connecting compute resources and providing access to applications is the core functionality of the Azure
network system. Network functionality in Azure provides many  options for   connecting the outside world
 to services and features in public Microsoft Azure data centers.

 azure networking functions have the following features:

        Service name

             Service function

    Azure Virtual Network 

    Connects VMs to incoming Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections

   Azure Load Balancer

    Balances inbound and outbound connections in applications or service endpoints

   Azure Application Gateway 

    Increases application security while improving application server farm delivery

   Azure VPN Gateway

    Access Azure Virtual Networks with high performance VPN gateways

    Azure DNS

    Provides very fast DNS responses and very high domain availability

    Azure Content Delivery Network

   Offers high-bandwidth content to customers around the world

    Azure DDoS Protection

   Protecting Azure-hosted applications from distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks

    Azure Traffic Manager 

   Distributes network traffic between Azure regions around the world

    Azure Express Route

   Connects to Azure over dedicated secure connections with high bandwidth   

    Azure Network Monitor

   Monitors and diagnoses network problems using scenario-based analysis features

    Azure Firewall

   Implements a high security and high availability firewall with unlimited scaling

    Azure Virtual WAN

   Creates a unified wide area network (WAN) linking local and remote sites