There are some features common to all of these services:

·         Durable  and highly available thanks to backup and replication  .
·         Automatic encryption and role-based access control thanks to the  safe .
·         It can scale with almost unlimited storage space  .
·         It is managed and solves maintenance and any critical problems for you.
·         It can be accessed from anywhere in the world via HTTP or HTTPS  .


Developers can quickly and easily create a mobile backend service for iOS, Android, and Windows apps with
 Azure. It's now easy to add time-consuming and project risk-increasing features such as adding enterprise
 login and connecting to on-premises resources such as SAP, Oracle, SQL Server, and SharePoint.

Other features of this service are:

·         Offline data synchronization.
·         Link to internal data.
·         Instant push notification broadcast.
·         Automatic scaling to suit the needs of the business.


Azure offers multiple database services for storing various types and volumes of data. Thanks to its general
 connection feature, these data can be made available to users instantly.

Service name

Service function

Azure Cosmos DB

Publicly distributed database supporting NoSQL options

Azure SQL Database

Fully managed relational database with autoscaling, integrated intelligence, and robust security

Azure Database for MySQL

Fully managed and scalable MySQL relational database with high availability and security features

Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Fully managed and scalable PostgreSQL relational database with high availability and security features

SQL Server on VMs

Hosting enterprise SQL Server applications in the cloud

Azure Synapse Analytics

Fully managed data warehouse offering entry-level integrated security features at no additional cost

Azure Database Migration Service

Migrates your databases to the cloud without changing application code

Azure Cache for Redis

Caches frequently used and static data, reducing data and application latency

Azure Database for MariaDB

Fully managed and scalable MariaDB relational database with high availability and security features


In today's business world, delivering a seamless web experience has become essential. Azure offers world-class
support for creating and hosting web application and HTTP-based web services. Web hosting services in Azure are:

Service Name


Azure App Service

Quickly build advanced web-based applications in the cloud

Azure Notification Hubs

Send pop-up messages from any backend to any stage.

Azure API Management

Distribute APIs to engineers, accomplices, and representatives safely and at scale.

Azure Cognitive Search

Fully managed call-as-a-service solution.

Web Apps feature of Azure App Service

Build and deploy mission-critical web applications at scale.

Azure SignalR Service

Easily add real-time web functionality.

Internet of Things

The transfer that started with personal digital assistants (PDAs) left its place to smartphones. We are now surrounded
 by smart watches, smart thermostats and even smart refrigerators. In the past, personal computers were used to
 access information. Thanks to the Internet, all items that can now be online can access valuable information.
 The ability of devices to collect this data and then send it for analysis is
 called the Internet of Things (IoT).

There are many services in Azure that can help you build end-to-end IoT solutions.

Service Name


IoT Central

A completely overseen worldwide IoT programming as a help (SaaS) arrangement that makes it simple for you to interface, screen and deal with your IoT resources at scale

Azure IoT Hub

It is the messaging hub that offers secure communication and monitoring features for millions of IoT devices

IoT Edge

Send your data analytics models directly to your IoT devices so they can quickly react to changes in state without consulting cloud-based AI models.


Big Data

Data can have many different formats and sizes. Big Data alludes to enormous volumes of information. Data from
 weather systems,
 communication systems, genome research, imaging platforms and many other scenarios can
 reach hundreds of gigabytes in size.
 It is very difficult to analyze this amount of data and make decisions accordingly.
 These data are often too large to use conventional 
 processing and analysis methods. Open source cluster
 technologies have been created to deal with these enormous informational indexes. Microsoft Azure supports many
 different technologies and services that provide big data and analytics solutions.

Service Name


Azure Synapse Analytics

Perform enormous scope investigation utilizing a cloud-based Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) arrangement that utilizes elevated level equal handling (MPP) to immediately run complex inquiries on petabytes of information

Azure HDInsight

Process large amounts of data with Hadoop clusters managed in the cloud

Azure Databricks

Collaborative Apache Spark-based analytics service that integrates with other Big Data services in Azure.

Artificial intelligence

In the context of cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence covers many different services, the basis of which is
Machine Learning. Machine Learning; It is a data science technique that enables computers to predict future
 behavior, results, and trends using existing data. Computers learn using machine learning without explicit
. Machine learning's insights or predictions make apps and devices smarter. For example, when
 shopping online, machine  learning helps you suggest other products you might like based on your previous
purchases. Or, when your credit card is 
charged, machine learning compares the transaction with a database
of transactions and helps detect fraud. And when your 
vacuum cleaner robot cleans a room, machine learning
 helps your robot decide if the job is 
complete. Some of the most common types of Artificial Intelligence and Machine
 Learning services in Azure are:

Service Name


Azure Machine Learning Service

It is a cloud-based environment that you can use to develop, train, test, deploy, manage, and monitor machine learning models. It can automatically create and adjust a model for you. Allows you to start training on your local machine and then scale out to the cloud

Azure Machine Learning Studio

It is a collaborative drag-and-drop visual workspace where you can build, test and deploy machine learning solutions using prebuilt machine learning algorithms and data processing modules.

Another set of products associated with these products is  cognitive services . These services are prebuilt APIs
that you can use in your applications to solve complex problems.

Service Name
They are image processing algorithms that you can use to identify, caption, index and edit your images and videos.
You can change discourse over to message, use voices for confirmation, or add speaker acknowledgment to your application.
Information mapping
You can map complex information and data to perform tasks such as smart recommendations and semantic search.
Bing Search
By adding Bing Search APIs to your applications, you can scan billions of web pages, images, videos and news with a single API call.
Natural Language Processing
With pre-created scripts, you can add natural language processing to your applications, perform approach analysis and learn to understand your users' requests.


DevOps (Development and Operations) automates software delivery processes by bringing people, processes,
and technologies together to deliver continuous value to your users. Azure DevOps Services build, 
build  and  
publish , providing continuous integration, delivery and  deployment for your applications  It enables you to create
 pipelines. You can coordinate storehouses and application tests, perform  application observing, and work with
fabricate antiques. You can also work with items and create scopes for monitoring, automate  infrastructure
deployment, and integrate your processes with a variety of third-party tools and services such as Jenkins and Chef.
 All of these functionality and much more are integrated with Azure to create consistent and repeatable deployments
 for your  applications to provide streamlined build and release processes.

Azure DevOps Services and Azure DevTest Labs are two of the core DevOps services offered with Azure.

Service Name
Azure DevOps
Azure DevOps Services (in the past Visual Studio Team Services or VSTS) offers improvement coordinated effort instruments, for example, superior pipelines, free private Git vaults, configurable Kanban dashboards, and far reaching robotized and cloud-based load testing
Azure DevTest Labs
Build Windows and Linux environments that you can use to test or demonstrate your applications on demand directly from your distribution pipelines


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