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Returning to the dream of the groundhog, a couple of days ago Microsoft 
announced the
 renewal of the main Azure certifications ...

I hope it doesn't have the same effect as last year's changes, which left me looking at the
 sky in April, without any work.


It is important to note that the content will change, as will the name of the exams themselves,
but not that of the certification obtained. In other words, AZ-103 is going to become AZ-104,
 but the certification remains that of "Azure Administrator Associate . "
In the following table I show which ones your next renewal has been published; which does
not mean that more certifications are substituted


Microsoft has also explained that we will have 90 days from the publication of the new exams to pass the
current exams
 ; and then remove them from the training catalog. 
Current certifications will continue to be fully
 valid until their expiration, which in most cases is two years.

I hope you find it useful.